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When it comes to Love Island we constantly find ourselves in a back and forth as to whether taking part in the dating show would be the best experience ever or an absolute living nightmare.

On the one hand, you may well find the love of your life, on the other, you may have the holiday from hell and hate all your villa mates.

That's why when the Islanders are dumped from the villa we like to pull them for a chat and ask what it's REALLY like to take part in the romance reality TV series.

The latest duo to be chucked out of this year's Spanish villa is Essex lad Ronnie Vint and Brighton babe Harriett Blackmore.

ronnie and Harriett
ronnie and Harriett were recently dumped from the villa ©itv

The couple stopped by Closer HQ this week where they revealed some villa secrets including how Joey Essex stole Harriett's big moment, what's really going on between the two of them, and deets on the villa's interesting breakfast choices...

We asked Ronnie and Harriett what surprised them about being on the show and Harriett jumped straight to meal timeschat.

"You don't make your own dinners and stuff," she revealed, "People bring it up."

See, this is a reason to be an Islander; who doesn't enjoy being waited on?

is that an iced coffee? ©itv

"Food was good," Ronnie added, but Harriet was not in agreement.

"I'm really fussy," she revealed, "So I didn't really like it. For example, we would wake up and first thing in the morning they would bring Shepherd's pie in."

That doesn't make you 'fussy' Harriet that makes you NORMAL. Who eats Shepherd's pie for breakfast?

li cast
the girlies loved the crisps ©itv

"I'm like, 'It's a bit early for this,'" she laughed, "That's why you would see me and Samantha in the kitchen every night with the crisps because we just didn't like the food."

Samantha Kenny DID admit that when she was on the show she was partial to a bowl of crisps and hummus and it turns out she wasn't alone...

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Emily Vierke is a digital writer for heat and Closer Online who enjoys stalking The Love Island girlies for fashion inspo especially Indiyah Polack and Ella Thomas. Emily has a soft spot for TOWIE OGs Amy and Harry, mainly because she was also not aware that the capital of India was New Delhi she DID, however, know that know it wasn't France.

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