EXCLUSIVE: Amy Childs opens up on Joey Essex being ‘used’ in Love Island

TOWIE OG Amy and Love Island bombshell Joey have been friends for more than 15 years

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When Joey Essex walked into the Love Island villa, no one was more surprised than his own family and friends.

The 33-year-old had successfully kept the huge news that he could be spending eight weeks in a Majorcan villa a secret, even managing to hide it from his own dad and older sister, Frankie.

Close pal and former TOWIE co-star Amy Childs was also stunned. The pair have been friends for over 14 years and, just like Joey’s family, she had no idea he was part of this year’s line-up.

Joey Essex looks very relaxed with the Love Island ladies
Joey was quite a shock to the Love Island girls - and the nation ©ITV

Speaking exclusively to Closer, Amy says, “I spoke to Frankie the other day and she said her phone was going off the hook the night he went in and she had no idea why. Spotting him on TV, she said she just screamed.

“She was laughing to me about it because the Thursday before he’d been over to her house to see the twins [Frankie is mum to Luella and Logan, two] and he was acting a bit weird and shady. She said, looking back, that was why!

“She’s really excited for him and thinks it’s time for him to settle down.”

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Frankie Essex posing for Closer in 2022 ©Charlotte Hackett

Joey’s shock entrance into the villa saw him couple up with Liverpudlian make-up artist Samantha Kenny – sending hairdresser Sam Taylor, 23, home in the process.

And according to Amy, Samantha, 26, is “just Joey’s type” – so much so she even thinks the pair will go the distance and win.

“I think they’ve got the same energy,” Amy says. “She said she loves a PDA and Joey said the same, I can tell they have a lot in common already.

“She’s just Joey’s type. I know it’s early days, but I think they will win it. They look good together.”

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And Amy is positive he’d be upfront if someone else did catch his eye.

“Joey is such a genuine and honest person that if there was someone who came in, he would be upfront about it,” she says.

“I think he’ll always stay true to himself. But it would have to be someone really special to top Samantha as she really is a bit of Joey. In fact, all of the girls in the villa are stunning!”

She continues, “Joey doesn’t like drama, we saw that with the whole thing with Harriet [Blackmore], he doesn’t want to get involved in it. So he won’t be having any rows or stuff like that, and he will always be honest with people.

“He’ll be the one in there making them all laugh and lifting the mood. I can’t wait for everyone to see more of Joey as he really is one of the nicest and funniest people I know.

“He is such a sweet boyfriend, a real gentleman. He is very generous and he does always fall hard. No one deserves a nice girlfriend more than Joey. I’d love to see him settle down, have kids and be happy.”

But is Amy, 34, worried about any villa newcomers potentially going after Joey because of his fame?

“Possibly,” she admits. “I guess being famous and going into the villa has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that he’s already so well loved and popular and everyone is behind him – he’s got the whole of Essex supporting him. But there is that chance that someone might come in and just go after him for fame – but Joey will know. He’s been around long enough and had enough hangers-on over the years to know who is genuine and who is just using him.”
By Lisa Jarvis

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