Inspiring dieter lost SIX stone without sacrificing meals out with mates. Here’s how…

Sophie Hardy, Weight Watchers

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Weight Watchers' Official Eating Officer, Sophie Hardy, lost a whopping SIX STONE while still enjoying meals out with her mates. Here's her story...

It's a struggle many of us can relate to; you want to lose weight without sacrificing your social life. But is that even possible?

Well according to Sophie Hardy - Weight Watchers' first ever Official Eating Officer - yes, it totally is.

The 26-year-old - who has recently reached her goal weight after losing an impressive six stone - slimmed down from a size 24 to a 12, while still dining out twice a week!

Sophie Hardy, Weight Watchers
Sophie piled on the weight when she was a teenager (Credit: Instagram/ Sophie Hardy) ©Instagram/ Sophie Hardy

Like many dieters, Sophie's weight-loss journey hasn't been an easy one.

By the time she left school at 16, Sophie weighed 19st 13lb and was a size 24. Writing on her Weight Watchers blog, she explained: "As a teenager, food became an obsession and I knew it was an unhealthy one.

"I was known as the ‘funny’ one at school – using humour and self-depreciation to make others laugh, hiding my inner insecurities."

Sophie Hardy, Weight Watchers
At her biggest, Sophie was a size 24 (Credit: Instagram/ Sophie Hardy) ©Instagram/ Sophie Hardy

Desperate to lose weight and regain control of her life, Sophie joined her first Weight Watchers class in 2007. She immediately loved the plan, and managed to lose five stone, slimming down to a size 16.

Happy with her weight and confident with the plan, Sophie stopped attending Weight Watchers classes in 2011.

However, by October 2016 - when Sophie was appointed as Weight Watchers' first Official Eating Out Officer - her weight had crept back up to 17st 9lbs.

Sophie Hardy, Weight Watchers
Sophie rejoined Weight Watchers in 2016 (Credit: Instagram/ Sophie Hardy) ©Instagram/ Sophie Hardy

So, how did Sophie manage to shift the weight while still eating out, enjoying Friday night takeaways and going out for drinks with mates?

"Aopting a sensible approach to eating out means you can have anything you like without the guilt!" she explained.

But what does Sophie mean by a 'sensible approach' (because that doesn't sound too fun to us right now!)?

Sophie Hardy, Weight Watchers
Sophie lost weight while still enjoying meals out (Credit: Instagram/ Sophie Hardy) ©Instagram/ Sophie Hardy

Well at burger chain Byron, Sophie opted for a classic chicken burger, a side salad, half a portion of sweet potato fries, two glasses of wine and a diet Irn Bru, which came in at 31 Weight Watchers Smart Points.

While at Italian eatery Zizzi, Sophie enjoyed a Toscana soup followed by a Skinny Pollo Roquito pizza and diet coke for just 25 Weight Watchers Smart Points.

Sounds good, right?

In fact, Sophie promises: "There is nothing off limits – you can have a glass of wine with lunch, you can have a night out with friends and you can have your Friday night takeaway – living by the 80/20 rule has worked for me so far in my Weight Watchers journey.”

Sophie Hardy, Weight Watchers
Sophie finally has the confidence to wear a bikini (Credit: Instagram/ Sophie Hardy) ©Instagram/ Sophie Hardy

And now, an amazing six stone lighter, Sophie's never been happier. She gushed: "I've just come back from the Dominican Republic, and it was the first time I’ve ever had the confidence to wear a bikini on holiday.

"Before Weight Watchers I would always hide away using kaftans or full bathing suits. I just felt like I had no reason to hide any more – I’m by no means perfect, but I’m so proud of my achievements."

Sophie Hardy, Weight Watchers
How great does Sophie look now she's hit her goal weight! (Credit: Instagram/ Sophie Hardy) ©Instagram/ Sophie Hardy

And for anyone who feels nervous about starting their weight loss journey, Sophie had these words of encouragment: “Do it! Take that first step and don’t be afraid to take the plunge and join your local meeting. The plan is so live-able and the tools available to you are second to none."

Want to find out more about Sophie's weight loss journey? You can read all about it on her Weight Watchers blogs, and see all the inspiring snaps on Sophie's Instagram.

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