Fridge Raider: Luisa Zissman reveals her food secrets

TV star and podcast host Luisa Zissman, 36, tells Closer about her eating habits

Inside Luisa Zissman's fridge

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How much do you spend?

About £300 a week on Ocado. Sometimes while cooking for a family [Luisa Zissman has three children], you can be so uninspired, so I always have a Hello Fresh box in too. It makes me try out new recipes – everything is measured out and it’s all very easy.

Describe your daily diet…

I head to the gym first thing, then have a protein shake made with hazelnut milk, banana and peanut butter. That’s my go-to usually, but sometimes I’ll have a couple of crumpets, or avocado on toast with chilli flakes at the weekend. For lunch I’ll have a halloumi salad, and for dinner I’m a big fan of a jacket potato with cheese and beans. I also like to make a veggie chilli or a curry in my Thermomix, which is really easy, or I’ll cook a Hello Fresh meal.

Luisa Zissman
TV star and podcast host Luisa Zissman, 36, tells Closer about her eating habits. ©Dave Hogan/Hogan Media Ltd/Shutterstock

What do you snack on?

I snack on cherry tomatoes like they are going out of fashion! I also love coconut matcha lattes or an Options hot chocolate.

What do you refuse to eat?

I don’t drink cow’s milk. I always have to have an array of Alpro milks in because I have a different milk for each drink.

Luisa Zissman's fridge
Inside Luisa's fridge. ©Closer

What would you cook to impress?

When I’ve got the time, I love to cook. We host a lot and everybody loves my roast dinners. Weirdly, I don’t eat meat, but I cook it, and I don’t know what it tastes like – apparently, I make a great leg of lamb.

Comfort food...

Savoury. I like crisps and nuts. A cheeseboard would be my indulgence too.

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Luisa has teamed up with David Lloyd Clubs to help inspire the nation to re-establish their wellness routines for “World Wellness Weekend”.

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