This clever device might mean you no longer have to waste time waiting for the restaurant bill…


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British restaurant-goers are sick of having to wait for the bill at the end of their meal

Apparently, one in 20 people have walked out of a restaurant after a meal WITHOUT paying the bill.


And it's all because they got sick of waiting for the waiters to bring it over!

According to research undertaken on behalf of Barclaycard, 25% of people said that they would consider doing a runner if they had to wait longer than 30 minutes for the bill.

The average wait time for the bill after asking for it is nine minutes and 57 seconds - so Barclaycard are trialling a brand new device which could wipe out the waiting problem.

dine and dash

Nick Kerigan, managing director of future payments at Barclaycard, said: "Eating out is something we all look forward to, yet our research shows that waiting to pay is an increasing frustration.

"Building on our experience in ‘invisible payments’, we wanted to create an innovative solution that removes any barriers to enjoying the meal, whilst also helping restaurants deliver great service and keep those diners coming back.

"By taking the pain out of payments, Dine & Dash is a ‘win win’ for both consumers and restaurants."

WATCH: Here's how Barclaycard's new Dine & Dash system will work...

The device is being trialled at the St Martins Lane Avenue Prezzo in Central London on 13 March.

So watch this space!

**What do you think of the new device idea? Would you be up for a Dine & Dash device in your local restaurants? Let us know over on **Facebook and Twitter.


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