Research reveals THIS sex tip could help you get pregnant

Could changing your sex environment help you get pregnant?


by Fiona Day |
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When trying for a baby, most mums-to-be would do anything they can in order to conceive.

From trying out new foods, exercising more and sampling new sex positions, trying to get pregnant can become an adventure of sorts.

But researchers claim that one small change can increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Scientists reckon that having sex in the DARK can optimise your likelihood of conceiving.

According to the findings, night-time light from laptops, TVs and even street lamps could interfere with women’s reproductive cycles.


For women trying to fall pregnant, scientists recommend dimming lights and switching off laptops before bed.

Researcher Dr Gene Block from the University of California Los Angeles told the Mail Online: “In modern society, females are exposed to many challenging perturbations in the environment that may play a role in fertility difficulties.

“We now live with high light levels in the evening and our sleep cycle is disrupted by shift work or crossing time zones.”

He added: “The ability to rescue reproductive function by altering the light schedule in a rodent model suggests that improvements in “circadian hygiene”- for example, reductions in evening illumination, more regular meal timing, or avoiding rotating shift work or schedules that lead to irregular sleep - may all be important remedies for reproductive difficulty.”

The effect of too much light pollution on general health has also been investigated in recent years, with scientists claiming that cancer, diabetes and depression can all be fuelled by dodgy sleeping habits.

So if you’re trying to get preggers, why not switch off the laptop and get your freak on with the lights OFF tonight?

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