Yazmin Oukhellou calls out Georgia Harrison’s ‘upsetting’ comments following Jake McLean’s death

‘I wish she hadn’t posted them’

Yazmin Oukellou Georgia Harrison

by Katie Holloway |

TOWIE star Yazmin Oukhellou has spoken out after her terrifying near-death experience over two weeks ago. Surviving a car crash in Turkey which killed her on / off boyfriend Jake McLean, Yazmin was told by doctors she was lucky to be alive.

In a recent interview, Yazmin revealed that she has been left with permanent scarring on her arm, and continues to have nightmares about the horror crash.

Following the tragedy, former Love Island star Georgia Harrison was quick to post her condolences, paying tribute to Jake – with whom she had an on/off relationship. She also shared screenshots of messages between the pair in which Jake appeared to be inviting her to Turkey.

Georgia Harrison Jake Mclean texts
Georgia shared messages from Jake ©WhatsApp

Georgia told her followers, “Me and Jake were on and off for years since we have known each other from school. In fact he was the only meaningful relationship I've ever had. Our connection was special and in between any relationship we had with each other we were always friends until the end.”

In other posts, she said, "Thank you for giving me the confidence to love myself, thank you for always rooting for me, thank you for loving me but most of all thank you for being my mukka even in my road girl days."

Yazmin condemned Georgia’s actions as “upsetting”, explaining in an interview with The Sun, “I think Jake and Georgia have had a sexual relationship on and off. I don’t think they have ever been together. But it was an upsetting thing to read.”

She continued, “I wish she hadn’t posted them and I’m not sure why she did. I guess grief can really hit people though. I don’t want to get into a slanging match at all with anyone else — it’s hard enough coming to terms with it all.”

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