Victoria Beckham back with the Spice Girls – thanks to Adele

Spice Girls superfan Adele uses her powers of persuasion to get the band back together on stage for the first time in years after a cosy dinner with a reluctant Victoria Beckham

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Rumours of another Spice Girls world tour gathered momentum last week as four of the band held ‘top-secret’ talks at a London hotel to discuss their hotly-anticipated reunion.

Mel C, 47, was said to have joined her former bandmates via Zoom from LA after Emma Bunton, 45, Mel B, 46, and Geri Horner, 49, were spotted arriving at Marylebone’s swanky Mandeville Hotel for the meet-up.

Spice Girls
The group toured withouth Victoria in 2019 ©getty

Amid the continued absence of Victoria Beckham – who refused to join their 2019 UK reunion tour – insiders say talks centered largely around trying to coax back Posh, 47.

A source says, “The girls are desperate for Vic to join and know how much kudos would be achieved if all five of them were back on stage together again – not to mention the extra money it would rake in.

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“Mel B insisted they come up with a plan to persuade Vic to join for at least one show. She suggested offering incentives, such as letting her have control over aspects of the show or designing their stage outfits, which would serve as a huge boost to her fashion label.”

And while the foursome try to lure back their former bandmate, insiders tell Closer that Victoria’s friend, Adele, 33 – a self-professed “Spice Girl superfan” – could be the key to enticing the star back to the stage.

Adele is a Spice girls super fan ©getty

The pair have been friends since meeting through mutual pal Sir Elton John in 2013 and have been snapped enjoying dinners together over the years.

They also became neighbours after the Easy On Me singer – who credited the iconic ’90s band for inspiring her to pursue a career in music, after attending their 1998 Wembley gig – snapped up a £5m Kensington pad just a stone’s throw from the Beckhams’ London mansion.

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CLOSER Six times the Spice Girls gave us life

union jack dress
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CREDIT: Shutterstock

Geri's Union Jack dress has become synonymous with the Spice Girls and girl power in general. The dress came to be at the 1997 BRIT Awards because Geri didn't want to wear the black Gucci dress her stylist had given she glued a Union Jack tea towel to the front of it. She later sold it at auction for £40,000.

Spice Girls meet the royals
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The Spice Girls never held back - even when meeting the monarchy. Mel C broke royal protocol by kissing Prince Charles on the cheek when she met him at a Prince's Trust concert in 1997. Meanwhile Geri went in for the kill with a pinch of the bum...

Spice Girls meet their biggest royal fans
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CREDIT: Instagram

In the words of Regina George's mum 'I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom'. If this photo isn't proof that Fergie is the COOLEST mum, then we don't know what is. Princess Eugenie and Beatrice look beyond thrilled to meet their idols.

Spice Girls meet Nelson Mandela
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The political icon famously said, "These are my heroes. This is one of the greatest moments in my life", when he met the Spice Girls in November 1997.

Adele reveals she's a super-fan
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CREDIT: Instagram

When the Spice Girls announced their reunion tour, Adele posted a throwback on Instagram, captioned 'HA! This is how I feel right now! I AM READY'. We feel your excitement, Adele.

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CREDIT: Shutterstock

Released in December 1997, Spiceworld: The Movie, is arguably the film of our generation. So it's no surprise that names such as Roger Moore, Stephen Fry, Elton John, Jennifer Saunders and Richard E. Grant all wanted to get involved.

Spice Girls reunion
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In 2008, the Spice Girls gave us EXACTLY what we'd been dreaming of since they split in 1998 - when they announced their reunion tour. The girls even brought their babies on stage. Verdict: definitely worth the wait.

Spice girls at the olympics
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The Spice Girls were undoubtedly the main event at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony in London. When they popped out of their black cabs, it's fair to say that it was the best surprise we've ever had.

Spice Girls go shopping at TESCO
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We didn't think it was possible to fall even more in love with the Spice Girls until we found out VB isn't so POSH after all - besides, who doesn't take part in a last minute TESCO dash at Christmas?

V.B's famous leg pose
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CREDIT: Instagram

Don't mind V.B, just adopting a casual pose whilst she reads through emails on her lush sofa... seriously Posh, you are one funny woman. We're already practicing the same leg-pose for when we eventually reply to work emails.

The fabulous spice bus
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CREDIT: Shutterstock

Come on... who wouldn't want to ride in the one and only spice girls tour bus!? We are OBSESSED. When can we hitch a lift?

When Geri met Charles...
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CREDIT: Getty images

Who can forget when Geri met Prince Charles at the 1st anniversary concert for the Princes' Trust in 1997? Ginger spice certainly wasn't shy in THAT outfit - she even enjoyed a cheeky flirt with the prince.

And then Geri and Charles reunited 22 years later
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CREDIT: Getty images

A much more sophisticated meeting this time. The pair looked like good old friends catching up as they chatted all things spice at another Princes' Trust event over two decades later.

When London's favourite girlband took on PARIS
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CREDIT: Getty images

Bonjour Paris. Spice girls are giving us all the feels in this adorable snap in front on the Eiffel tower during their 1998 world tour. Throwback Thursday goals.

When Posh had that haircut... but the spice girls let her have her hair moment without judgement
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CREDIT: Getty images

When Posh had that infamous haircut, the spice girls let her get on with it without passing judgement. That's true friendship, surely?

When four of the band announced a 2019 reunion... and Posh showed her support
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CREDIT: Instagram

When four of the band announced a 2019 reunion, Posh still showed her support. Victoria took to Instagram to support her former bandmates. She said, "Today marks a special day for the girls as they announce the first tour dates since we performed together in 2012! I won't be joining my girls on stage again but being in the Spice Girls was a hugely important part of my life and I wish them so much love and fun as they go back on tour next year. I know they will put on an amazing show and the fantastic fans past and present are going to have a wonderful time! "

Posh has returned the compliment, telling her 29m Instagram followers she is a “HUGE Adele fan!!” and reportedly gifting her clothes from her fashion label, after Adele’s 2019 divorce from charity CEO Simon Konecki, which prompted the star’s 7st weight loss.

That year, the fashionista also signed to her pal’s management agency, William Morris Endeavour, after ditching her long-time manager and the creator of the Spice Girls, Simon Fuller.

Closer has previously reported that the pair have enjoyed frequent hang-outs in LA – where they both own homes close by – and have arranged playdates with Adele’s nine-year-old son, Angelo, whom she shares with her ex, and Vic’s 10-year-old daughter, Harper.

Victoria Beckham
Are Victoria and Adele the best of friends? ©getty

The source says, “After Vic refused to join the last tour, Adele made no secret of her disappointment. While she understood and supported her decision, she let her know it wasn’t the same without her – in the hope it would tug on her heartstrings and persuade her to change her mind.

“She’s always said how epic it would be to have her on stage again with the girls and how it would be an iconic moment, which of course Vic found very flattering – especially coming from someone like Adele – and admitted that it left her more open to the idea of joining the girls in the future.”

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And pals say that, after Posh and her husband David, 46, invited Adele and her new sports agent beau Rich Paul, 39, over for a cosy dinner during their recent trip to London, the Oscar-winning star decided to seize the opportunity to give her friend another gentle and good-humoured push.

The source says, “Adele’s got a way with words and she was able to do it all with a glint in her eye. But she’s very persuasive and told David she needed him on her ‘team’, which he agreed he was, saying how much he also wanted to see Vic back up on stage.

Closer magazine ©closer magazine

“Adele also said how amazing it would be for Harper to see her mum strutting her stuff after never having seen her perform live. Vic’s said it’s definitely something she wants to do and, while she wouldn’t want to do the whole tour, she was leaning towards doing the London dates.”

Closer recently revealed that the mum of four – who also shares sons Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 19, and Cruz, 16, with her husband of 22 years – was feeling lost and humiliated amid reports her fame and popularity is dwindling.

It followed multiple claims that the future of her fashion label was in jeopardy after racking up losses of £41m since its 2008 launch and a fierce backlash over her since-reversed decision to use taxpayers’ money to furlough staff in the pandemic, despite her £350m personal fortune.

spice girls
could the group be getting back together? ©gertty

Explaining her decision not to join the band’s 2019 reunion, the designer explained, “It took me a lot of courage not to go on tour with the Spice Girls again, but to be the one who says, ‘I’m not doing it because things feel different now than they used to.’ I’d rather concentrate on my family and my company.”

She also added she would probably feel “a little left out” watching her former bandmates perform, despite ruffling feathers by failing to attend any shows – which Mel B publicly fired shots at, describing her snub as “disappointing”.

And insiders say after making amends with her former frenemy in addition to rising fears over her waning popularity, it’s further resulted in a change of heart.

The source adds, “With her brand facing so much uncertainty and after so much criticism and backlash, Posh knows joining the girls would be a huge boost, not only to her struggling label but to her profile and career as a whole.

“However anxious or worried she might be about making a fool of herself, David has told her it may be a blessing, as it could not only resurrect her career but serve as a thank you to those who have stuck by her side for the last few years.”

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