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Vicky Pattison has opened up about why she's not ready for children with boyfriend John Noble.

The former Geordie Shore starlet spoke to and divulged her reasons for wanting to stay child free. She said of her and John's thoughts on the subject: 'We can understand childrens’ appeal, don’t get us wrong but we have got a lot more of life we want to live and I think you should always be aware that when you have children it’s a different chapter.

'For me I’m still in the ‘what should we do for dinner? We could go out? We could get drunk if we wanted to?’ I’m still in the footloose and fancy free stage and John is in that as well, so there’s no talk of children and they’re definitely not on the horizon.'

Vicky still loves a big night out (CREDIT: Instagram/Vickypattison) ©Instagram/Vickypattison

She did admit that meeting and falling in love with John had changed her perspective and while last year she had been firm that she would never start a family, her views have shifted.

She explained: 'It sounds clichéd but when you meet someone who you love and know you are going to spend the rest of your life with, you soften to certain ideals. It’s not something my mind’s completely closed to anymore, however, it’s not a concept that I’m keen to get started on anytime soon, although I’m enjoying practicing.’ Classic Vicky!

Vicky and John are taking it slow when it comes to starting a family (CREDIT: Instagram/Vickypattison) ©Instagram/Vickypattison

With a busy summer filming a new show with MTV and the release of her novel 'My Sister's Wedding', we're not sure the brunette beauty will have time to think about anything else.

She said of her latest book: 'This is by far my favourite novel for so many reasons but because of how happy I must have evidently been when I started coming up with it and I am now. It’s about love, it’s about the bond between two sisters, it’s about getting married.’

Take Vicky's book to the beach with you this summer (CREDIT: Instagram/Vickypattison) ©Instagram/Vickypattison

But things aren't always so rosy and the 29-year-old also discussed how she copes with criticism and body shaming from online trolls.

She said: ‘I either say you have to be very thick skinned or very ignorant in order to deal with it. I’m very emotional and very self-critical anyway so when you see someone writing something negative about you it’s very difficult to turn the other cheek and be positive and get on with your day and not let it affect you.'

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