Tanya Burr’s boyfriend: who is the British YouTuber dating?

They seem very loved up on socials...

Tanya Burr

by Srushti Telang |

YouTuber-turned-actress, Tanya Burr, recently shared her favourite skincare products on Instagram with the caption, 'My boyfriend and I have pamper nights every Sunday or Monday eve'. Wait, her and who (?!)

Not long ago, she showed off her baby bump with a mystery hand lovingly cradling it on Instagram last month. The caption read, “We love you so much already little 🥜.”

As much as we’re excited about her pregnancy (all our favourite YouTubers from a decade ago are having babies, eeeek!), are we just going to ignore the mystery hand?

In an interview with Marie Claire, Tanya revealed that she is firm on keeping her boyfriend’s identity away from the public and keeping their lives private, believing that she “overshared” about her past relationship and the press wrote a lot about it.

Crowned Mr. and Mrs. YouTube, Tanya was previously married to Jim Chapman for 4 years before splitting in 2019. Following which, we had no scooby about her love life, until she dropped a pregnancy bomb on her 3.7M followers on Instagram.

A comment said, “Didn’t even know you had a bf.”

Another said, “Who’s the baby daddy?”

What we do know for sure is that he is Tanya’s absolute best friend, as she shared all in the interview

“I obviously think he’s amazing as I’ve chosen to have a baby with him – but we would sit on the bathroom floor with his arms wrapped around me. I remember thinking ‘What would I do if you get sick?’” she continued after saying he’s the ‘most caring, loving person.’ Awww.

Here’s all we know about her partner...

Who is Tanya Burr’s new boyfriend?

We aren’t quite sure who, but there have been rumours about her dating Dan Herlihy after being linked to him. The two were seen holding hands in public early last year. However, this has yet to be confirmed in writing by her or any credible sources, and the information is guided by speculations from past encounters.

Is Tanya Burr engaged?

As of now, we know she and her boyfriend are not engaged. We didn’t spot a wedding ring on either of their fingers on the Instagram post.

What does Tanya Burr’s boyfriend do?

In the exclusive interview with Marie Claire, Tanya said that her boyfriend has “a very busy job,” and that he got permission to work from home to take care of her during her first trimester.

Dan Herlihy is the Art Director at Territory Studio, where he has been working for 3 years.

How did Tanya Burr meet her boyfriend?

Tanya attended school in Norwich, Norfolk where Dan Herlihy grew up. Our guess is, that they go long back.

Does Dan Herlihy have social media?

We have not been able to locate Dan on any social media platforms.

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