Tanya Burr is pregnant with her first child but who is her mysterious partner?

The social media power couple announced their split in 2019

Tanya Burr

by Asher Brandon |

YouTube queen of queens Tanya Burr, 33, has confirmed that she is expecting her first child, after posting a picture of herself cradling her baby bump.

The bump is also being cradled loveingly by a man's hand – and a rather large one, at that.

The caption reads, "We love you so much already little 🥜". WE!

The post has been liked and commented on by celebrity friends Jonathan Bailey, Joe Sugg, Zoe Sugg, Laura Whitmore and Alfie Deyes – as well as virtually every YouTuber to ever post a video EVER. Sadly, none of them give any indication as to whom this mysterious male hand belongs to - but it's safe to say, it's unlikely to belong to ex Jim Chapman.

The popular YouTuber has previously vowed not to disclose the identity of any new partner (following her split with Jim) as she felt like she "overshared" during her speedy rise to internet stardom.

Tanya went on to post a stunning follow-up snap of herself making pregnancy look as easy as eating a Magnum in a heatwave. Like, WOW.

Now we want a Magnum.

When did Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr break-up?

YouTube royalty and OG YouTube couple Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr announced their divorce in 2019 (we know 😢). They had been together for 12 years and married in 2015. Thanks to their vlogs, we had been on a lot of that journey with them, and the split news came as a shock to many.

Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr announced their split on 12th March 2019. They released the news in statements on their Instagram stories, cause: influencers.

Tanya wrote, "Just wanted to let you all know that a few weeks ago Jim and I made the painful decision to no longer be together. We have a huge amount of love and respect for each other and will continue to remain friends forever. Thank you in advance for respecting our privacy at this difficult time."

Jim wrote, "After twelve incredible years, Tan and I have decided to go our separate ways. We're still absolutely the best of friends and have nothing but love and respect for each other. We will continue to support one another in all of our ventures and are both looking forward to what the future holds."

This news came as a big shock to their fans, many of whom had been following their relationship for years. While everything seemed to be going well in front of the cameras, there could have been issues in their private lives.

In an episode of the Diary of a CEO podcast, Jim suggested that they actually broke up a long time before they made the announcement. He said, "The world only found out me and Tanya broke up when we decided to tell them.

"We only decided to tell them when we did because the press found out. So actually it was much earlier than anyone realises."

Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman
Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr ©Getty

Why did Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr break-up?

It is unclear exactly why Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr broke up. According to The Sun, a friend of the couple said at the time of the break-up that, "Jim and Tanya are both really sad but the split has been done with love and respect for each other.

"They will stay friends for sure. There was no one to blame they just grew apart."

In the Diary of a CEO episode Jim said, "We conquered the world together. We were both part of that first breed of influencers and we had a wicked time. And then we grew up together.

"It was as simple as growing up in slightly different directions."

Jim said the decision to break up wasn't hard saying, "We both knew we deserved better."

It seems that, while the break up was hard for both of them, it was ultimately the right call and there were no bad feelings between the two. Honestly even in their break up they were giving us couple goals 🙌.

How long were Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr dating for?

The childhood sweethearts met when they attended the same sixth form in Norwich and were together for 12 years. They started dating in 2007 and stayed together until 2019.

Were Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr married?

Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr were married. Jim proposed in 2012, and the couple tied the knot in 2015 at Babington House in Somerset. In 2019 they decided to divorce after four years of marriage.

What happened to Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr's dog?

Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr have shared custody of their dachshund, Martha.

What happened to Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr's house?

In 2019 Tanya revealed that they had sold their Fulham home.

Are Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr still friends?

When they broke up both Jim and Tanya made it clear they wanted to stay friends. In an interview with The Telegraph in 2019, her first interview since their split, Tanya said, "[Jim's] still my best friend. We’ve been best friends for 12 years, [but] people will want some drama from it. We’re always going to be in each other’s lives, hopefully."

Did Jim Chapman marry Sarah Tarleton?

In the time since their break-up, Jim announced he was dating Sarah Tarleton. The two got engaged after 12 months of dating, and welcomed their first child, daughter Margot Grace Alba Chapman, in 2021.

Jim and Sarah married in Santa Barbara on 28 March 2022. The pair shared the news in a joint post on Instagram back which featured a series of photos of the big day. They included the caption, "28.3.2022, Santa Barbara Courthouse, Mr and Mrs Chapman.

"Before our wedding celebration in Spain we decided to do the paperwork and get hitched. The happiest day together and the loveliest evening celebrating with friends and family in LA."

Their followers were quick to congratulate the happy couple. Fellow YouTuber Louise Pentland wrote, "Congratulations!!! Lovely news! 💒."

Another person wrote, "Massive congratulations to you both!! Wishing you all the best 💞."

Someone else commented, "OMG❤️ you guys look so genuinely happy!😍 congratulations I am very happy for you!"

This is great news and we are so happy Jim has been able to find love once again.

In the Diary of a CEO episode Jim said that he considered his relationship with Tanya to be successful, but that she wasn't the right person for him to take the next steps in his life with. He said, "The next thing for us is what I'm now doing with Sarah and I see now that Tanya would not have been the person to do that with. Sarah 100% is."

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Do Jim and Tanya have Twitter?

They do. You can follow Jim at @JimChapman and Tanya @TanyaBurr.

Do Jim and Tanya have Instagram?

They do. You can follow Jim @jimchapman and Tanya @tanyaburr.

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