Jeremy McConnell takes a break from social media following his “downward spiral”

Jeremy McConnell

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Jeremy McConnell posts one last message before taking a break from social media

It was only recent that Jeremy McConnell thank his loved ones for their support and now he has confirmed he's taking a break from social media following his 'downward spiral.'

Last month Jeremy was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis. She then admitted she was "emotionally drained" in a series of tweets and hinted towards the allegations. She wrote: "Jeremy knows he's done wrong. To do what he did to the mother of his child, he knows isn't right.

"U can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. I have done all I can regardless what has been thrown in my face."

Jeremy McConnell
Jeremy recently posted this adorable photo of his family (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke)

The former Hollyoaks actress then claimed that Jez is heading into rehab for six months and now the Irish model has admitted he's taking a break from social media.

Opening up on Instagram, the reality star wrote: "I want to leave this last message here for people to maybe get a better understand of who I am as a person. I know a lot of people are sick of reading stories etc in the press about me and my life and have a huge dislike for me - for the record, nobody dislikes myself more than me.

"I never once have used my misfortunes in life for sympathy or excuses, as a lot of people have had really tough lives. The fact I'm in the public eye just exposes them a lot more than others.

Jeremy McConnell
Jeremy shared this emotional post on Instagram and admitted he's taking a break from social media (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke) ©Instagram / jeremymconnellcooke

"I'm not perfect and I acted in a way that has been irresponsible a lot of which I feel was self-reflection. I've let family, friends, management and work down. I just hope I can wipe a clean slate and come back with a second chance."

He continued: "Sometimes in this world when your low and you don't really feel you have anyone and the press and people's opinions on you are not really who you are, it's tough to try and survive.

"I punished myself more than anyone could, I always said I never cared what people thought of me but deep down it's been that supportive comment on Instagram or Twitter that's made [me] feel a lot better.

Jeremy McConnell
Jeremy is hoping to get better for his family Caben-Albi and Stephanie Davis (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnell) ©Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke

"The people who know me, know I'm a good guy and have a massive heart. I just never handled fame, money or actions very well and got lost in a downward spiral.

"It's something I'm about to fix and never look back on but I've learnt from my mistakes, this will be my last message for a while. I've decided to take the appropriate action for myself and my new family and thank you for everyone's support and to a new lease of life."

Fans have praised the CBB star on social media. One person wrote: "Reading this deffo has changed my opinion anyone that can spot their faults and wants to do what right deffo has my respect."

Jeremy McConnell Stephanie Davis
Steph and Jez first met in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2016 (Credit: Getty Images)

Someone else said: "U have my support bro keep the head up !!"

Another added: "Good on you, you have a lot more supporters out there than haters, don't forget that! You can only learn in life if you make those mistakes to learn from in the first place so good luck to you and Steph and your gorgeous son."

A fourth person commented: "Good luck I really hope u get the help and support you strong u can do this."

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