Stacey Solomon’s adorable snow day with her kids and Joe Swash will melt your heart

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Stacey Solomon has shared some sweet snaps of herself and boyfriend Joe Swash with their children enjoying the snow

There are two types of people when it comes to snow.

There are those that absolutely ABHOR snow. They find it a huge inconvenience that ruins plans and hinders normal life - and plus, isn't it just basically really cold rain?

And then there are the Stacey Solomon's of life.

GALLERY: Stacey Solomon's cutest mummy moments with her two sons on Instagram


Stacey Solomon's cutest mummy moments SLIDER

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Stacey with her two sons at Disneyland

Stacey took Leighton and Zachary to Disneyland this summer.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

In the bath

Stacey received some backlash for taking baths with her sons, but she refused to change her parenting methods just to make some trolls happy.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Holiday in Cyprus

The family enjoyed a holiday in Cyprus.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Snuggled on the sofa

The Loose Woman recently reached out for advice, wondering at what age most parents are letting their kids have mobile phones.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Family time

Joe got in on the action for this big family cuddle.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

The trio on a teacup

The three musketeers had a snap taken on a teacup ride at a theme park.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Ben 10 fans

Stacey uploaded this adorable picture of her two lads dressed up as their favourite TV character - Ben 10.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Matching pyjamas

How cute! We wish it was this easy to get kids to wear matching pyjamas...

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Sunny Southend

Stacey's fans were overjoyed that she had taken her children to visit Southend beach.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Lazy Sundays

Stacey uploaded this super sweet snap of herself and Leighton enjoying a lazy Sunday lie-in.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Birthday cake pops

Stacey and Leighton enjoyed some cute cake pops for his fifth birthday in May 2017.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Meeting Mickey Mouse

The met Mickey Mouse on their trip to Disneyland.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

First day back at school

Even celebs get all mushy when they see their little 'uns going off to school.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Yoga time!

They sure know how to have fun. Stacey, Leighton and Zachary enjoyed some relaxing yoga.

Pretty much everyone in the UK was a bit perplexed when we all looked out our windows and saw that that little sprinkling of snow had settled a little bit.

And then when that massive blizzard occurred this afternoon, we all started to take it a bit more seriously - could we go sledging in this?

Well, Stacey Solomon did NOT hang about - taking her two sons, Zachary, nine, and five-year-old Leighton out for a snow day with her boyfriend Joe Swash and his son Harry, 10.

Taking to her Instagram story, Stacey and her family could be seen larking about and being VERY happy, with little Leighton screaming in excitement at quite a few moments.

She also uploaded a cute pic of her and Leighton in the snow, captioning it: "So British 😂😂 2cm of snow and I’m snowboarding to the shops to get supplies 😂."

Stacey even had a bash at snowboarding with Zachary filming her - but she ended up on her bum most of the time!

At least she had a go, eh?

WATCH: Stacey Solomon's snow day is the stuff dreams are made of

We particularly love the bit where Joe can be seen helping the little lads to sledge, and was later dragging them back up the hill. ❤️

People took to her Instagram to praise her for being so open and honest, and for not worrying about looking silly so that she can have fun with her sons.

One wrote: "You literally crack me up daily! You are brilliant," while another added: "Love the penguin hat!"

Others added: "Such a cool mum," and: "You're such an awesome mum!"

N'aww. We love ya, Stace!

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