Stacey Solomon defends having a bath with your kids: ‘It’s normal!’


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Stacey Solomon has hit out at people who say that bathing with your children is "weird", insisting it's "normal" in her house.

Stacey, 27, who has two young sons - Zachary, nine, and five-year-old Leighton - spoke out on Loose Women today to hit back at people who say bathing with your children is "wrong".

The TV presenter, who is in a relationship with Joe Swash, told the other panellists that it's those who think there's something odd about it that are the ones who are "wrong" or "weird".

Stacey laughed off claims that her family was "weird" (Credit: ITV/ Loose Women) ©ITV/ Loose Women

The Loose Women were talking about how some Japanese parents still bathed with their teenage children as they thought the close physical contact had a positive impact on their children's grades.

Andrea McLean revealed that some people online had called it "horrifying", but Stacey said: "I'm not horrified at all! Anyone who's horrified at the thought of parents sharing a bath with their children, I think has issues!

"Listen, it's each to their own. I still have baths with my children, my eldest is nine so sometimes he says, 'Oh put the bubbles over your boobs mum, I don't wanna see it!'"

WATCH: Stacey Sees Nothing Wrong With Parents and Teenagers Sharing a Bath | Loose Women

At this point, Andrea looked like she was pretty shocked and trying to bite her tongue, but Stacey didn't care: "Why does the body always have to be looked at as something sexual? Why can't it just be the human body?"

Hear hear, Stacey!

Andrea was holding back her judgement... (Credit: ITV/ Loose Women) ©ITV/ Loose Women

She added that people had commented on a photo she uploaded of her with her kids in the bath: "I posted that because it's a normal thing in our house. It's almost like going to dinner and reading bedtime stories - having a bath together is how we communicate and socialise.

"But there were a few comments underneath that picture that did make me laugh, like 'This is wrong on so many levels' - no it's not, you're just saying that!

"'Your mind must be twisted' - well, that's debatable!" she joked, before adding seriously: "I think it's really sad - I understand if you don't want to bathe with your children and you don't like it, but I think it's sad to sit there and judge people and say that's wrong or disgusting."

The offending picture (Credit: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon) ©Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Denise Van Outen then piped up, saying that she always shares baths with her seven-year-old daughter Betsy: "Betsy always has a bath with me, it's just normal for us.

"There's not really a cut-off point for me - it's just whenever she turns around and says there's not enough room anymore."

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