Spencer Matthews & Vogue Williams: ‘Having three kids under four will be a challenge’

Former reality star Spencer Matthews and his model wife Vogue Williams can’t contain their excitement at welcoming another baby this spring. Here, they give Closer an insight into how they’re preparing to become parents to three children under four...

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They’ve already got a full house with three-year-old son Theodore and daughter Gigi, one, but proud parents Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams are set to become a family of five when they welcome their second son this April.

However, Vogue, 36, confesses that her pregnancy journey hasn’t been plain sailing so far. She tells Closer, “Theodore was the easiest [pregnancy], and then this one, while Gigi was the hardest. I was sick with her right up until the very last day I gave birth.

“I’m still quite sick with this pregnancy. It’s subsided in the last three or four days, and I’m trying not to say anything about it in case it comes back, but it’s a long time to be sick. I don’t find pregnancy very easy – I’m not one of those people. I find it tough!”

The Irish model and presenter met Made In Chelsea’s original bad boy in 2017 when they competed in E4’s winter sports reality show The Jump. They surprised fans with the speed of their romance when they tied the knot a year later in Scotland, by which time Vogue was carrying their first child.

Reflecting on her pregnancy symptoms this time around, she explains, “The morning sickness is all day... and sometimes it’s during-the-night sickness! It’s constant nausea. It’s like being hungover – without the fun part!”

Thankfully, Spencer, 33, has been on hand to boost her morale, saying, “I find her very beautiful when she’s pregnant – and not pregnant! I try to compliment her every day.”

The couple previously spoke of wanting four children in total, yet it appears they may be reconsidering that decision.

Spencer adds, “This pregnancy was planned, absolutely. We kind of said we always wanted four [children], but I think we will reassess it at three, and see where we are heading because having three kids under four is going to be challenging and exciting.”

His family-man lifestyle is worlds away from his party-boy image on MIC, which he starred on from its start in 2011 to 2016. Spencer was often papped stumbling out of night clubs in the early hours, and had a reputation as a Lothario.

But Spencer now focuses on clean-living and fitness, and quit alcohol in 2018, saying he’s never looked back. He reveals, “It’s been nearly four years since I last drank, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Alcohol began to play a traumatic role in my life.”

Having had tumultuous romances with the likes of his MIC co-stars Louise Thompson, Stephanie Pratt and Lucy Watson, Spencer says the secret to his happy relationship with Vogue is a solid foundation of respect for one another.


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He says, “We’re friends above all, and we’ve always been a strong couple. There’s a lot of respect mutually and neither one of us necessarily steers the relationship, so it’s quite easy company. She’s my best friend so we enjoy spending time together. She’s a fantastic mother and I learn a lot from her. It’s quite easy to be happy around her!”

In her previous pregnancies, Vogue made a point of staying fit and active. And she says that, although she’s tried to keep exercising through this one, her nausea has hindered that.

She says, “‘I’m keeping active, but I’ve had to really cut it down under my doctor’s orders. I can’t go running or do anything too strenuous, so that’s why I’ve been doing weights and using restraint bands. Normally, I could train for five times a week. I love getting up and moving, even if it’s for 20 minutes. It sets me up for the day.”

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Earlier this month, she revealed on her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me – which she records with comedian pal Joanne McNally – that her doctor had advised her to avoid exercise and sex for two weeks, after he had to insert a probe into her vagina to check up on her pregnancy.

Speaking about revealing too much info on her podcast, Vogue laughs, “I used to worry about what would get picked up on the podcast, but it’s supposed to be a fun chat with one of my mates, so I don’t hold back. But Spenny doesn’t mind!”

Cheekily, Spencer adds, “Well, that depends if you put me on another sex ban!”

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Closer spoke to Spencer and Vogue at the launch of non-alcoholic CleanCo cocktails at Swingers West End, London.

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