Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace say their on-screen relationship has been better than any of their real-life ones


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Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace have gushed over their 16-year on-screen relationship as Kat and Alfie Moon

Tell us a love story that's been more romantic and gripping than that of Kat and Alfie Moon in EastEnders?

That's right. You CAN'T.

The story of the Kat Slater and Alfie Moon captured the hearts of the nation - they've been through the mill, haven't they?!

But their story isn't over yet, despite them having left Walford on Christmas Day 2015 after Kat's dad Charlie passed away.

Kat and Alfie are one of the most-loved soap romances (Credit: BBC/ EastEnders) ©BBC/ EastEnders

That's right - Kat and Alfie are coming back to our screens in a couple of weeks in a spin-off entitled Kat And Alfie: Redwater.

If you remember, the couple left with their children Tommy, Bert and Ernie soon after Charlie passed away to look for Kat's long-lost son in Ireland, which is where we'll pick up with the duo.

But it turns out that the dynamic duo's on-screen relationship has been the most successful that Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace have ever had.

Didn't everyone love this moment? (Credit: BBC/ EastEnders) ©BBC/ EastEnders

Speaking to The Sun, Shane said: "This marriage has lasted longer than any of my real ones!"

Jessie concurred, saying: "We argue, then we won't talk for a day, and then we're talking again, and he makes me laugh all the time."

Shane then added: "We just know each other really well as friends off-screen as well as actors, and we can tell each other what we're thinking, we can tell the truth to each other."

They love a snog, these two (Credit: BBC/ EastEnders) ©BBC/ EastEnders

Shane was famously married to Coleen Nolan with whom he had two sons for nine years, but had an affair which caused them to break up.

He was then remarried to Christie Anne Goddard in 2007, but he had an affair for six years with a woman who ran his fan club.

Jessie has had an equally rough time of it romantically, having recently split with musician boyfriend Tim Arnold. But before that, she was engaged to Vincent Morse, who cruelly sent explicit photos of Jessie to his ex to distribute.

Jessie ended it by not showing up to their wedding - in perfect Kat style!

We hope these two keep their long-reigning friendship going!

Redwater is on Thursday 18 May at 8pm on BBC One.

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