Scarlett Moffatt hits back at bodyshamers targeting her ‘saggy boobs’

The Gogglebox star has once again had to defend herself against cruel comments

Scarlett Moffatt Gogglebox

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Scarlett Moffatt, who is beautiful inside AND out, has been feeling pretty body confident recently after hitting the gym.

Deciding to show off the results of her weight-loss, Scarlett shared an Instagram snap of herself glammed up to the nines, wearing a lovely duck egg blue jacket dress - that had a pretty daring cleavage.

The picture has sadly now been deleted.

Scarlett Moffatt Gogglebox

Instead of focusing on how lovely she looked, her Instagram followers decided to target Scarlett's 'saggy boobs'.

Sadly, it's not the first time Scarlett has been subjected to online abuse.

One wrote "Oh dear someone needs a bra", whilst another commented "The look is nice but saggy boobs are a no!".

C'mon guys, when is all this horrible shaming going to stop?

Thankfully, Scarlett isn't one to take negative comments lying down. In fact, she fired back in the best way possible - replying directly to their comments.

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On the deleted post, Scarlett commented: "When you have size G cup boobs and everyone’s slagging your boobs off!!

"I have a bra on here and sorry that I haven’t had f*kin surgery, I try and be a good influence to others to be comfortable in your own skin."

She then added: "There’s enough sh*t going on in the world, let’s build each other up instead of being negative!! [sic]"

Go lady!

Loyal Scarlett fans also had a lot to say on the matter of bodyshaming and girls feeling the need to tear into each other.

One defiantely commented: "Tearing other women down is never nice… A) you have no idea what her boobs look like under that dress, could just be dodgy lighting/weird angle and B) even if she has got “saggy boobs” she isn’t obliged to wear a bra because some sad little girl feels they have to tear other women down. How pathetic."

We think Scarlett looked gorgeous in the snap, don't you think?

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