16 of the funniest Scarlett Moffatt quotes EVER.

Scarlett moffatt quotes

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We cannot get enough of TV Queen Scarlett Moffatt who is more famous for her witty one-liners than her incredible weight loss transformation and her adventures with campmate (and heart-throb) Larry Lamb.

Let's journey back and remember all her hillarious quips from Channel 4's Gogglebox where she discusses everything from Ed Balls to getting your knockers out for a spray tan.

1. Scarlett Moffatt on Martin Freeman's political video for the Labour Party ahead of the 2015 general election:

Scarlett Moffatt politics

2. Scarlett on her celebrity doppelganger:

Scarlett Moffatt alan carr

3. On Simon Cowell:

Betty: 'Why’s he wearing sunglasses indoors?'

Scarlett ‘Because he can. He’s Simon Cowell. Who’s going to go up to him and say ‘ you look like a knob’?’

4. On Bear Grylls’ The Island:

scarlett uni quote

5. On London life:

scarlett London quote

6. Scarlett on The Voice:

‘It’s like a poor man’s X Factor isn’t it? I like it, but The X Factor sh*ts all over it.’

7. During a documentary called Collectaholics, about a man who collects hundreds and hundreds of teddy bears:

‘Oh he needs a f**ing friend. I’m going to befriend him honestly. I feel like ringing him up for a pint.’

8. On getting your boobs out for a spray tan:

scarlett London quote

9. On psychics:

‘She can speak to all those spirits and not one has told her that her hair looks s**t?’

10. On Gregg Wallace in Strictly Come Dancing:

scarlett London quote

11. Scarlett on life in the North:

scarlett mofatt quote

12. On Ed Balls:

‘Ed Balls? You can’t take any f**er seriously with the last name balls.’

13. On University Challenge:

‘Reading books and s**t all the time. Where’s that gonna get them?’

14. On A Level results day:

scarlett mofatt quote

15. Scarlett on becoming religious:

‘I think I might start going to church. As long as I’m not hungover. I can’t be in a place of God when I’m hungover can I? With vodka sweats and that.’

16. Scarlett on the WORST insult you could give someone:

scarlett mofatt quote

Please, don't ever change!

Scarlett moffatt

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