Awkward! Viewers found Sam Faiers embarrassing on Sunday Brunch


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Sam Faiers has made quite a name for herself in television. The 26-year-old first appeared on The Only Way Is Essex, then launched her own successful show The Mummy Diaries, following the birth of her son Paul.

However, maybe Sam isn’t suited to every tv show as fans heavily criticized her performance on this monrning's Sunday Brunch on Channel 4.

During the guest chef segment of the show, Sam cooked a sea bass curry for viewers, but was met with a barrage of criticism on social media when she couldn’t name the ingredients correctly.

Sam Faiers on Sunday Brunch

We’ve all been there pet. We doubt we’d be able to pick a mango out of a vegetable line-up to this day.

Whilst cooking the curry, fans were confused that she didn’t seem to know her own recipe and couldn’t cook the dish without help.

Sam then asked if her fish was cooked and couldn’t name the spices used.

One Twitter user said, ‘Why have @SundayBrunch booked a guest chef who isn't even a chef ?! Car crash TV this section. She doesn't even know what the spices are'

Another added, 'So the 'guest chef' Sam Faiers just had to ask a chef if her fish was cooked, what a joke'

One Twitter user wrote, ‘Why does everyone claim to be a celeb chef these days??!!! Sorry guys but I am turning off.'

Sam Faiers on Sunday Brunch

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