The controversial picture of Sam Faiers and baby Paul that divided the internet

Breastfeeding in public has once again sparked a debate

Sam Faiers breastfeeding

by Hannah Mellin |
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Sam Faiers has taken to motherhood like a fish to water, with baby Paul becoming her sole priority.

Sam is currently filming another series of The Baby Diaries for ITV2.

However, the former TOWIE star has upset some fans by uploading a cute photograph of her breastfeeding Paul to her Snapchat story.

The picture in question shows Sam snuggled in bed with her seven-month-old baby son, with the covers covering them both.

She captioned it: "Milk and bed."

Sam Faiers breastfeeding

Many were taken aback by the snap – that they didn’t expect to see – and quickly took to social media to voice their opinions, unwittingly starting a heated debate about breastfeeding in public.

One wrote: "I’m all for women breast feeding in public but does Sam Faiers really need to put it on her snapchat story."

Another wrote: "Sam Faiers what are you doing on your snapchat."

Many were encouraging of the photograph and praised Sam for sharing it with the world, claiming that it just shows a "beautiful bond" between mum and baby.

What do you think? Were you taken aback to see this on Sam’s Snapchat story? Or should people just deal with the fact that it’s a completely natural, and beautiful, part of life.

This isn’t the first time Sam has documented herself breastfeeding openly. Back in March she shared a candid shot of her breastfeeding baby Paul while on holiday.

Again, the photo caused controversy, with some followers praising her openness while others condemned it.

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