Inside Rochelle and Marvin Humes luxury home with gym and walk in wardrobe

Rochelle and Marvin are clearly making the big bucks

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We all love Rochelle and Marvin Humes. The singers (remember The Saturdays and JLS?) turned presenters are one of our favourite duos on the TV.

The happy couple have hosted plenty of TV and radio shows but together we've seen them present on This Morning and The Hit List.

They're both pretty private when it comes to their family life and have only recently shared photos of their daughter's Alaia-Mai, Valentina and their son Blake on social media.

In 2020, we were obsessed with Rochelle's younger sister Sophie Piper - after she starred on Love Island - and her new found fame made us want to have a nose around Rochelle and Marvin's house.

The popstars bought their home back in 2015 but moved into their Essex home two years later after renovating the entire property. So here's a look inside Rochelle and Marvin's luxury home that includes a gym and walk in wardrobe...

Rochelle and Marvin's front door

You can't really say much about a front door, can ya? We can't lie, we're feeling this bold black front door and of course the lovely festive decorations that we're pretty sure they only have out around Christmas time...

Rochelle and Marvin's foyer

So Christmas is well and truly over but how lovely does their tree look? We've also spotted deer decorations in the bottom left hand corner.

Other than all the festive decorations in their living room, they've also got double doors to their back garden (we think).

Here's another shot of their entry way - it's pretty big to be fair - and we're living for their candle holder above the table.

Rochelle and Marvin's kitchen

Okay so there's not much on show in the picture - other than Alaia's gorgeous curly hair - but we can see that they've got two ovens which is more than us.

It's safe to say that the happy couple have a huge kitchen; look at the size of their kitchen island counter. Also where on Earth did they get those incredible lights hanging from the ceiling? We want them.

Rochelle and Marvin's living room

For Alaia's sixth birthday the Humes family decorated their living room with fun and colourful balloons. Other than all the decorations it's pretty clear - furniture wise - that they've opted for neutral tones.

Once again for Rochelle's 30th birthday the balloon and presents came out. Their TV is on their fireplace, they bizarrely have cream flowers in the fireplace but we are loving the silver ornament right next to Roch on the floor...

We're noticing a pattern here; whenever there's a celebration they take all the pictures in the front room. We're not surprised it looks nice and cosy.

Rochelle and Marvin's dining room

Err, judging by this photo this isn't the same room as the photos above because they've got a blue sofa instead... They've also got some white orchids in the background.

Alaia's bedroom

Rochelle and Marvin are notoriously private about their daughters but we have been given an insight into their daughter Alaia's bedroom which mainly has pink and neutral tones.

Rochelle and Marvin's bedroom

We can't see much but we do know that they've most probably got a queen size bed - we're very jealous.

Rochelle and Marvin's wardrobe

We'd love to have a walk in tour of their wardrobe but we guess we'll have to settle for this outfit pic Rochelle shared on her Instagram. Judging by this snap their wardrobe is pretty big; that shelf in the background is full of just bags. We're also really feeling the mirror that's covered in lights.

Rochelle and Marvin's bathroom

Similar to the rest of their house Rochelle and Marvin have opened for neutral tones in their bathroom. We're OBSESSED with this tiled wall mirror though.

Rochelle and Marvin's gym

You know you're rich if you have your OWN gym in your house. Rochelle is literally one of the fittest celebrities going (she's on heat's fit list 2020) and she's lucky enough to not actually have to leave her house to workout with all the equipment. Oh how the other half live...

Rochelle and Marvin's daughter Valentina's room

Valentina may only be three but she's got the bedroom of a princess. We're loving the pale pink tones, the gorgeous white bedding and the pink flowers on the dressing table (to the left).

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