Rochelle Humes reveals the BEST way to introduce a pet into your family home

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Rochelle Humes has revealed her top mum tips

Rochelle Humes is well known for the incredibly gorgeous but private family.

Although the former Saturdays star regularly posts photo of her two daughters Alaia-Mai, five, and Valentina, two, her followers haven't actually seen their faces.

However there's one family member - other than her husband Marvin Humes - that she does post pictures of and that's her adorable puppy Ginger.

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These are the top 20 signs your dog is part of the family - STACKED

Maria Fowler and her dog1 of 5
CREDIT: Instagram / mariafowler_

Maria Fowler and her dog

  1. You've got pictures of them in your house2) You give them a nickname as well as their actual name 3) You can't imagine life with another dog 4) They have their own space on the sofa
Cheryl and her dog2 of 5
CREDIT: Instagram / cherylofficial

Cheryl and her dog

  1. They sleep on the bed with you 6) You celebrate their birthday 7) You include them in your Christmas family photos 8) You're happier staying in with them than going on a night out with friends
Binky Felstead and her dog3 of 5
CREDIT: Instagram / binkyfelstead

Binky Felstead and her dog

  1. They're your phone screen saver10) You pack a bag for your dog when you go away 11) You refer to them as your child or furbaby 12) You're always showing people pictures of them
Lucy Watson and her dog4 of 5
CREDIT: Instagram / lucywatso

Lucy Watson and her dog

  1. You've gone on holiday somewhere just because your dog would enjoy it14) You tell them you love them more than your partner 15) You have the vet's number on speed dial 16) You bought a house only after considering their needs
Pete Wicks and his dog5 of 5
CREDIT: Instagram / p_wicks01

Pete Wicks and his dog

  1. You only go to dog-friendly pubs or restaurants 18) You've dedicated a whole area of your house or garden to their wellbeing19) You make more effort feeding them than you do your own partner or kids20) Your pet has a social media account

Rochelle is so into her pup that she's even made an Instagram account for her, and now the This Morning star has revealed exactly how she managed the transition of bringing her adorable pooch into her family.

Speaking to us at This Morning Live, she explained: "Make sure you find the right breed and look into the right breed for yourself.

"I chose a cockapoo because they are so great with kids and such a good family dog."

"Do your research. We looked into it for over a year, just to make sure we were doing the right thing.

"I would say though; I'm toilet training a puppy and a child at once so maybe that I didn't plan so well," she joked.

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Rochelle was also brutally honest and admitted that there's "never" going to be a balance when it comes to work and home life as a parent.

"Women and mums put so much pressure on themselves to have it sussed and to have it seamless and running smoothly.

"But some weeks I look at the diary and think 'I don't know how I'm going to be at the school play, at parents evening, at work, at home and a wife'.

"We all have those weeks and I think anyone would be lying if they said they've found the perfect balance. It's part of the fun but also part of the stress too."

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