Rochelle Humes: ‘After Christmas lunch we all put on our pyjamas’

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Rochelle Humes opened up to Closer Online about what goes on in her home at Christmas - and we've got to say, it sounds super cute and cosy...

Rochelle Humes, 28, and her husband Marvin, 32, are undoubtedly one of our favourite celebrity couples. Not only are clearly mad about each other, but they also have two gorgeous daughters - Alaia-Mai, four, and 10-month-old Valentina Raine.

With Christmas just around the corner, we chatted to the mum-of-two about what goes on in their house on the big day - and Rochelle revealed that they're basically "the same as everyone else!"

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"We get up with the kids and open our presents, then we have breakfast and all get dressed before everyone comes over to our house for Christmas lunch," Rochelle explained.

"After lunch we all put on our special Christmas pyjamas, and then the boys play Monopoly while we all watch Love Actually... Then we just continue eating until we can’t eat any more!"

We like the sound of that!

We're not complaining, but Christmas Day can be a bit of a hard slog for mums - there's just so much to do. How does Rochelle deal with the stresses of the day?

"Do as much as you can beforehand, that’s always my thing," she told us. "My mum would always do the meat on Christmas Eve, so I’ve learnt from that."

Now that Alaia is four, Rochelle told us that she's noticed a big difference in how she's responded to Christmas: "She’s so excited! We took her to see Santa already and she was SO excited to talk to him, whereas last year she was a bit scared. This time she went straight in there and couldn’t wait to see him!"

And with Alaia now fully on-board, Rochelle is having fun making Christmas as special for her as possible: "I make the girls Christmas Eve boxes and I do advent calendars - but with little presents, not chocolate."

But while the busy mum enjoys some annual traditions, she confessed that others just aren't her bag...

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"I’ve not done Elf on the Shelf," she admitted.

"It’s just another thing for me to try and remember to do, and there’s always quite a bit to do with the advent calendar presents. I don’t need another thing to remember to do in the morning, and if you don’t do it one day they’ll know, they never forget!"

And what about Christmas presents? "Alaia has asked for Heelys, those shoes with wheels on, but we’re just doing little presents for Valentina. She doesn’t really know what it is and there’s obviously nothing she wants!"

Talking of presents... according to a recent survey by PayPal, your other half is the second WORST present-buyer (right behind in-laws!). So has Marvin ever messed up on the present front?

"He normally does quite well," Rochelle gushed. "He's got my best friend as a guide and she'll always ask my in some sly way!"

Although the singer and presenter does have some reservations about this year's gift...

Rochelle Humes
Rochelle teamed up with PayPal, which stores your cards in a digital wallet for easy online shopping. ©Getty Images

"I was saying the other day that I wanted one of those fancy cordless hoovers - I know it's really sad! I want one, but not as a Christmas present... It’s like a backhanded present isn’t it, I can get that myself!"

Marvin, if you're reading this, PLEASE don't get Rochelle a hoover for Christmas... you'll never live it down!

Rochelle teamed up with PayPal, which stores your cards in a digital wallet for easy online shopping.

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