The best Christmas Eve boxes and gifts for children and grown-ups

Let the festivities begin a day early...

Christmas Eve boxes

by Marina Avraam |

Christmas Eve boxes have become the big new tradition in family households with young children - but what are they, and where exactly did they come from?

Put simply, a Christmas Eve box is a box of goodies that you can open on Christmas Eve, in anticipation of the most fun (and magical) day of the year. Most people fill them with cute things like special Christmas pyjamas, books to read to distract them from the excitement and sweet treats to nibble on.

While usually reserved for children, we love the idea of a Christmas Eve box for grown-ups too, be it your partner, sibling, mum, or best friend. No matter who you are shopping for, we've made a list of the best Christmas Eve boxes, alongside the perfect gifts to go in them for both children AND adults.

What should go in Christmas Eve boxes?

It's COMPLETELY up to you - the world is your oyster. Try to think of things you know your kids would like to play with; if they're bookworms, maybe include the latest novel in their favourite series. If they're more into video games, perhaps treat them to that game they've been lusting after for weeks.

Other parents tend to opt for pyjamas, so that they have something new and cosy to wear when they go to bed on Christmas Eve - and probably most of Christmas Day, too! You could maybe add a mug, some marshmallows and hot chocolate as a sleepy treat.

Shop the best Christmas Eve boxes

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Best Christmas Eve box gifts for kids

Looking for some inspiration on what to actually put in the box? Look no further! Take a look through our ideas below, but remember - it's completely your choice. No one knows your child better than you!

Best Christmas Eve box gifts for adults

Who says Christmas Eve boxes are just for kids? Treat yourself, your partner or your bestie to their very own bundle of Christmas Eve treats. If you're stuck for ideas, we've made a list of a few adult Christmas Eve gifts to shop right now.

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How to make your own Christmas Eve box

If you want to get creative and make your very own Christmas Eve Box, then all you need is, well, a box! Take a look in your recycling at whether you've chucked away any cardboard boxes, or whether you've got an empty crate somewhere that you could repurpose. Simply wrap it up in pretty things like wrapping paper and maybe some tinsel to make them extra festive, et voilà!

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