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Has the former Real House Housewives of Cheshire star tied the knot?

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Former RHOC star Ester Deeand her dreamy new bloke, known only as Glynn, have set tongues a'waggin' that they may have tied the knot in secret thanks to Ester's cryptic Instagram tagging.

Her most recent post shows the happy couple grinning widely and clinking glasses of fiz as they cuddle up in what looks like a tiny private jet - oh, how the other half live, eh?

She's captioned the post, “It doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you 🖤" - but it's the hashtags that might have given things away, with #mrandmrs and #loveofmylife making an appearance.

Ester loves to tease her fans with her innocent relationship updates and this was no exception, with one writing, "Yesss 👏 when the wedding 💒 ❤️❤️❤️❤️" and another asking, "#mrandmrs ???? Something to tell ?"

Well, Ester? Do you?

She was a firm favourite on The Real Housewives Of Cheshire thanks to her eccentric personality and flamboyant style, and was once hailed as “the most outrageous housewife” on the show – so it may come as a surprise to learn that Ester Dee describes herself as “shy”.

“I’m a good actress!” the 35 year old tells Closer. “In the real world, I’m not that confident at all. I’ve learned to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and just fake it when I need to.”

The bubbly star, who is mum to five-year-old daughter Pearl, even appeared naked last year on the cover of Playboy in the Czech Republic, where she’s from. Despite it being a “dream come true”, she admits she was apprehensive.

She adds, “It was empowering, especially considering I’m 35, I’ve had a child and I have stretch marks. It proves you don’t have to be 18 and super slim to be in Playboy. But it was nerve-racking, too. Despite how I come across on TV, I don’t always feel sexy. Even Dawn [Ward] was surprised to learn how shy I can be. I always say there are two versions of Ester: one is quiet, while the other is crazy and loves putting on a show!”

Yet she isn’t shy when it comes to discussing her love life, revealing she has a “spring in her step” after finding love with new partner, retired businessman Glynn. The pair have been together for several months after striking up a romance on social media and she says she’s been “swept off her feet” by her 53-year-old lover.

Ester is currently divorcing her ex-husband – millionaire businessman John Temple, whom she wed in 2015 – and shares her daughter with her ex-fiancé, businessman Rob Lloyd, but admits her new romance was an unexpected, although welcome, surprise.

“I’m very smitten,” she says. “I never thought I’d find anyone again and definitely not through social media. I’ve been through pain in my past relationships, but I’ve never felt this way about anyone. Glynn added me on Facebook and said he’d taken a liking to me after seeing me on the show.

“I was wary at first, but he has no interest in my income or lifestyle, so I feel secure. We chatted for several months about our lives and spent hours on the phone. When we met, the sparks were there straight away, and I kissed him within two hours!”

RHOC Ester Dee
Ester Dee has been in the show since series four ©ITV

And Ester says her new partner has boosted her self-esteem. She says, “Glynn is more engaging than other men I’ve dated. He’s intelligent and teaches me a lot. He says nice things about me and makes me feel good about myself.”

While she’s currently spending lockdown in Cheshire, miles away from her boyfriend in Spain, she reveals “sexting” and sending playful videos to one another helps to keep the spark alive.

“The flames are very strong between us, even though we’re far away from each other – the key is sexting,” she giggles. “I send videos of myself dancing and taking a few things off here and there.”

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She continues, “I’ve never had video calls in this way before, so it can be awkward, but it works. We try to schedule a date night on the phone each Friday. I shave, brush my hair, and make myself look good.

"I’ve always been a sexual person, but Glynn is not as flamboyant as me. When he sends pictures, I only receive half of his body! He doesn’t trust me, as he thinks I’ll put them on social media. I’m very proud of how he looks.”

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She’s enjoying finding creative ways to maintain their sexual chemistry, jokingly admitting she’ll struggle to compose herself when they’re reunited.

“I do miss him, but it’ll all get sorted soon, and we can jump in bed together. We’ll be taking each other’s clothes off in the airport,” she laughs, before adding, “I doubt we’ll barely last an hour before we start bouncing in the sheets.”

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Hanna's pink gown

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Tanya's sparkly coat dress

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Closer magazine issue 902
Closer magazine issue 902 ©Closer

Ester is open about going under the knife, too. While she’s had 34DD breast implants, she does regret having a nose job in 2016.

She explains, “Having my boobs done has been a very good experience because it made me feel womanly. I had my nose done at the same time, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

“I have difficulty breathing now. It may look better, but it doesn’t function any better, and I wish I’d left it alone.”

But the experience hasn’t put the star off having surgery in the future. “I definitely will have more work done”, she insists. “Some people might recommend a brain transplant! In my fifties, I’ll have a surgical facelift. If it makes you feel good, then why not?”

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