Police foil £1 million kidnap plan involving Katie Price’s children

Katie Price

by Owen Tonks |
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Police have warned Katie Price that she and her family could be in danger after a £1 million kidnap plot was foiled.

Cops have found out about three kidnap plans in total but the most recent came to light after a tracking device was found on model Katie’s car by mechanics.

After the discovery was made, police were called and the vehicle was taken away for inspection amid fears someone could be planning to take her children Harvey, Junior, Princess, Bunny and Jett.

During an appearance on Loose Women when she teased fans who thought she might be pregnant, she said: “I’ve been through the ordeal of kidnapping threats a few times before and it is terrifying.

“Just a few weeks ago when I took my car for a service, my mum got a call from the police because the mechanic had found a tracking device hidden on it.

Katie Price Junior Andre Princess Andre Harvey Price Kieran Hayler

“The police had to keep my car afterwards.”

She then went on to speak about another kidnap attempt involving her son Harvey which police thought would lead to a £1 million ransom demand.

Katie also told of when police raided a known Liverpool gang and found detailed plans of her house in their possession.

But the star is not letting the worrying situations get her down and is carrying on with her normal life, although she has taken precautions.

She said: “The thing is, if they’re going to get you then they’re going to get you.

“You can buy all the security you want. I’ve got panic buttons and everything like that. But if something did happen, by the time the police would be able to get to my house, they would have already got me.”

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