Peter Andre’s children: who are Amelia and Theo?

The star shares his two youngest children with wife Emily

Peter Andre children

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Peter Andre has been in the public eye ever since rising to fame as a popstar in the 90s and while his two oldest children, Junior and Princess, who he shares with ex-wife Katie Price often find themselves in the spotlight due to their famous parents, his two youngest children are usually kept away from Peter’s social media and TV work.

The 49-year-old is dad to Amelia and Theo with his wife Emily, who has previously revealed that she doesn’t want their children posted on social media – although that hasn’t stopped Peter posting a few sneaky snaps here and there.

But while we hardly see Peter’s youngest children on social media, he and Emily often gush about Amelia and Theo, so here’s everything you need to know about Peter Andre’s children…

Peter Andre's children - everything you need to know

How many children does Peter Andre have?

Peter has four children altogether. He shares eldest children, Junior and Princess, with his first wife Katie Price and youngest children, Amelia and Theo, with his current wife Emily.

Who is Amelia Andre?

Amelia (usually referred to by her family as Millie) is Peter Andre's youngest daughter. She was born on 7 January 2014 and turned eight this year.

Peter gave fans a sneak peek of the birthday celebrations when he shared a snap of balloons and presents earlier this year and wrote, "Big day for little Amelia today. Happy 8th birthday. Love you so much."

Peter Andre children Amelia
Peter and Emily never show their children's faces on social media ©Instagram/Emily Andre

Although Peter and his wife never show the faces of their youngest children on social media, last year Emily posted a sweet snap of Amelia's hair in a plait and admitted she was a "mini-me". Alongside the post, Emily wrote, "Love playing with Millie's hair. She's a bit of a mini me – the hair at least!"

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Who is Theo Andre?

Theodore, or Theo as he's usually known, is Peter Andre's youngest son. He was born on 22 November 2016 and is currently five years old.

As with his sister, Peter and Emily usually keep Theo out of the public eye, although it was recently revealed that he's hoping to follow in his mum's footsteps as a doctor.

Peter recently wrote in his column for new! magazine, "My son Theo, who’s only five, has been saying that he wants to be like Mummy and be a doctor. And weirdly, he loves watching Dr Pimple Popper!"

Peter Andre children Theo

Back in 2020, Theo's face was accidentally revealed when he made a surprise appearance while Peter was being interviewed on Loose Women. The singer later admitted that wife Emily was less than impressed when he wrote, "As you know we keep our youngest two, Theo and Mills, out of the public eye, so it created quite a stir when Theo made a surprise appearance on Loose Women last week. It was a pure accident and very funny.

"I did end up in the doghouse over it, but hey, that's what happens with live TV and kids in the house!"

Will Peter Andre have more children?

Last year, Peter hinted that he would consider having more children. He wrote in his magazine column, "At the start of this year I said 2021 would be the last year I would consider having more children. However, as we spent a lot of time in lockdown, I think we need to put everything back 12 months! So now I'm saying if it's going to happen, 2022 is the time. I'm 49 in February and I've always said my limit was until I turn 50, so who knows!"

However, in a Q&A on his YouTube channel, Peter also admitted that he and Emily go back and forth on the idea. He said, "I don't know. We say things like, 'Oh wouldn't it be great to have another Theo', because Theo's like four years old and he's running around and he's brilliant and it's a beautiful age.

"But then when we meet up with people who have got a couple of kids and they hand us over the kids and they're screaming, I'm like, 'Hell no!' we actually look at each other and we're like, 'Hell no.'" But then we go back and we're like, 'Oh wouldn't it be good?' I think it's those first two years."

He added, "I think we're pretty much done. But the way I think about it, it's not up to me anyway. Since when is it my choice? Think about it. You might say, 'Well it is your choice'. No, it ain't my choice."

Why doesn't Peter Andre show his his children on social media?

Peter's wife Emily has been very open and honest about her wish for their two children to stay off his social media accounts.

Peter previously spoke exclusively to Closer Online about his and Emily's disagreement over whether or not to show their children on social media.

He told us, "It's really bizarre because I saw a big thing about this with Cheryl and Liam.

"They were saying that they don't want to do it, and I think it's up to each individual parent. Whatever they decide you've got to respect it."

He then likened his own children to the royal kiddies, Prince George and Princess Charlotte: "Prince William and Kate post pictures of George and Charlotte all the time, and they're the most beautiful pictures ever.

"It just makes you fall in love with little George and you can't wait for him to be king one day. Obviously they're royalty, but I'm thinking, if it's good enough for royalty, it's good enough for anybody!"

He added, "But there are some parents that don't want to do it and you've got to respect that as well. Emily's one of those parents that doesn't want it so I've got to respect that."

But he tries to push his luck as much as he can, "I still get away with little things... There have been times where I've posted stuff and you can't really see the kids' faces.

"Millie and Theo, they're just so cute. See, I post photos of them because I'm proud of them and of these beautiful moments, and you want to show everyone just like 99% of the world does on Facebook - they put pictures on of their kids because they're proud of them.

"I love doing that but I also understand that not everyone wants that so I've got to respect that. I get it."

Rare photos of Peter Andre's children

Peter Andre children
Peter shared this photo of his two youngest children ©Instagram/Peter Andre
Peter Andre children
Peter posted this photo of Princess with Theo back in 2017 ©Instagram/Peter Andre
Peter Andre children
He also shared this beautiful moment between Emily and Amelia ©Instagram/Peter Andre

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