Emily Andre: ‘I try to keep things consistent’

A wife, mother and full-time doctor, Emily MacDonagh does it all. Here she tells us how she juggles work while keeping her family in check

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by Yasmin Thomas |

New Year’s Eve 2021 marked eight years since Peter Andre romantically proposed to his wife Emily. Since then, the couple have gone on to have two children, bought a sprawling two-acre home and Emily has qualified as a doctor.

It has been a whirlwind, and speaking to Closer, the 32-year-old reveals a typical day in the Andre household can be full-on, especially as their work schedules have been so hectic lately.

Emily says, “It’s been a busy few months because Pete’s been on the UK tour with Grease The Musical [where he plays Vince Fontaine]. I’ve been Mum, nanny, working and writing a book all at the same time.”

Her debut book, called Growing Up For Girls, explains the process of body development for young girls from the age of nine onwards, and she says writing it has fufilled a lifelong dream.

“The topic is something I love because I had my own experiences through being a teenager where I felt self-conscious,” says Emily. “My insecurity was mainly around my skin, I had quite bad acne and also the fact that I was quite a late developer.

“I had to keep a routine through the writing process – after picking up the kids, doing their dinner, and getting them ready for bedtime. I aimed for 9pm to be the time I could sit down and start writing the book.”


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Like many working mothers, Emily also feels “mum guilt” when away from her and Pete’s young children Amelia (who they call Millie), seven, and Theo, five.

She says, “I do find it exhausting at times and I think, whoever you are – even if you’re a stay-at-home mum – you have guilt over something. The way my job works in shifts, is that recently I’ve actually had to leave [the house] less than I ever have done before. As Pete is away, I’ve adjusted my schedule so the kids are never without me for too long. I’m loving it right now as I’m home more.”

Emily’s technique to help keep her calm is simple. She says, “It sounds so stupid, but my coping mechanism is making a cup of tea. I find it to be the most relaxing thing ever. I think to myself, ‘Right, you need to go and take five minutes.’ Then the process of making the cup of tea, then sitting and drinking it allows me to gather my thoughts.”

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Emily first met Pete, 48, in 2010 after he suffered from kidney stones and was treated by Emily’s doctor father, Ruaraidh MacDonagh. In July 2013, they announced that Emily was pregnant with daughter Millie. By New Year’s Eve that same year, the Mysterious Girl singer had popped the question and they later tied the knot in a luxurious ceremony in 2015, a year before she gave birth to their second child, Theo.

Their family also includes Pete’s children with ex-wife Katie Price Princess, 14, and Junior, 16 – who live with them.

Having previously spoken about her role as a stepmum, Emily admitted to being careful not to overstep the mark. She said, “For me, I tend to leave the disciplining up to Pete and often I feel like a big sister, which works really well for us.”

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Meanwhile, Emily says the key to balancing her family of four children is keeping things stable. “I think routine helps kids feel safe in the structure, then they know what’s going on, they know what to expect,” she says.

“I try to keep things consistent for them as much as I can.

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“I’m quite strict, especially with stuff like manners. Me and Pete are quite similar, really. We both are very much up on honesty, manners, kindness. Pete’s probably more relaxed than I am. I’m probably more of the strict one, but he can also crack down. He doesn’t get cross with them very often but when he does, they definitely know it and he’ll tell them off if he needs to.”

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Her New Year wish: ‘I want to spend as much time as possible with Pete’

Speaking about her plans for the year ahead, Emily says fitness is at the top of her agenda. She reveals, “I always make a New Year’s resolution to do more exercise and I never do it, but I’m going to make the same resolution this year. I would love to feel stronger and healthier. I eat quite healthily already – if I was going to reach for a snack, I would go for something like toast with banana.”

Emily adds, “We want to try to get to Cyprus this year as we didn’t get a family holiday there last year and it’s a place the kids love. It’s a massive part of their heritage, with Pete being Cypriot. But mostly in 2022, I’ll be spending as much time as possible with Pete. He’s been away working a lot so it will be nice to spend quality time with him.”

Growing Up For Girls, published by Scholastic, is out 6 January

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