Katie Price SLAMMED for posting “inappropriate” photo of Princess

Katie Price

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Katie Price has come under fire after sharing this photo of her daughter Princess

Katie Price was recently accused of photoshopping a holiday picture and caused a stir on Instagram after she posted a photo of Princess posing in a bikini and now the mum-of-five has been slammed for sharing another "inappropriate" photo.

Earlier this week, the Loose Women panellist, who is mum to Harvey, 14, Junior, 11, Princess, nine, Jett, three and Bunny, two, used her social media platform to bring awareness to online bullying and her hopes to make online trolling a criminal offence.

The TV star managed to receive over 100,000 signatures on the petition and she posted an adorable video of herself and Harvey thanking everyone for their support.

After posting the sweet video she then shared a photo of her eldest daughter, Princess, on holiday but fans have questioned how appropriate the picture is. Posting the photo Mrs Pricey wrote: "My [crown emoji] in @katiepricboutique loving her hols"

Katie received hundreds of comments with many people furious at Princess' pose. One person said: "Wrong on so many levels... you have started a petition to stop online bullies which is commendable but I really do think you should stop with the provocative pictures of your CHILD as you know more than some people what sickos are out there. I wonder if her father is happy with what you are doing."

Another urged Katie: "This is REALLY inappropriate photo to post on a public place of a 9-year-old. Why the hell is she pouting in a dress open like that?!"

Katie Price Princess
Katie was slammed after sharing this photo of Princess on social media (Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Instagram / officialkatieprice

Someone else argued: "I never disagree with your pics but I think this one is a little bit too far, that pose is a bit provocative for a little girl."

A fourth person added: "So I am all for little girls having fun and experimenting and playing with makeup and hairstyles and clothes... but the cut on the top is SO inappropriate - bikinis and belly tops are fine and fun when you are young and harmless but the way this is cut is SO suggestive. What are you thinking?!"

One more person commented: "Far too provocative. Especially with the low chest line. Awful."

Another said: "Stop bullying my son please, but here you go look at my daughter who I dress to look 18, not right at all"

Katie Price
Katie and her family are currently in the Maldives (Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Instagram / officialkatieprice

Although a few of Katie's fans jumped to her defence. One person wrote: "Don't see why people are going on so much! As for the low cut throw over she's 9 nothing to show she's on a beach so what!"

Someone else said: "She's a child!!! Why does it matter if she poses with her non-existent chest on show. Maybe it's not the photo but the way your all looking at it. She's truly beautiful and it's a beautiful photo of innocence."

Another commented: "Maybe she wants to be like her mum princess top is not low cut its a long kaftan she's not showing anything let Katie post what she wants it's her children not up too you"

One more person added: "Stunner Supermodel in the making x"

Do you think the photo is inappropriate? Would you post a photo of your daughter posing? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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