Paddy McGuinness told Christine he was out with ‘work mates’ on night he was spotted with Nicole Appleton


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Paddy and Christine McGuinness have been reportedly left livid over Nicole Appleton's swift exit from the country after photographs of Nicole and Paddy surfaced

The Paddy and Christine McGuinness drama has been keeping everyone in suspense over the last few weeks.

Even though there's nothing to suggest anything actually happened between him and Nicole Appleton, they were photographed arm in arm on a night out in the wee hours of Saturday 10 February.

Since then, it has emerged that they'd been swapping flirty tweets for months, with Nicole liking a massive 124 of Paddy's Instagram pics.


Paddy McGuinness Nicole Appleton tweets STACKED

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Paddy posted back in September last year that he was watching his show Even Better Than The Real Thing

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To which Nicole responded with a heart-eyed emoji, leading Paddy to reply with a kiss emoji and "U numero uno!"

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In November, Paddy posted a photo of Nicole's band All Saints as a joke alongside some religious figures.

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Nicole then responded with "Thanks!" and a load of emojis before ending with a kiss.

Paddy quickly tried to do a bit of damage control, unfollowing Nicole on all social media platforms - but it was too late for Christine, who reportedly kicked him out of their brand new £2.1m home in Cheshire for a few days to give her a bit of head space.

Meanwhile, Nicole quickly packed up her suitcase and jetted out of the UK to get away from the drama.

However, it has now come to light that Paddy LIED to Christine about where he was on the night he was spotted with Nicole.

According to The Sunday Mirror, Paddy told Christine he was on a night out with "work friends" on the night the photos were taken, and Christine has now told her friends that Paddy "has broken my trust."

The source said: "He didn’t tell her he was hanging out with Nicole, she didn’t know that they were close.

"Christine knows Paddy is flirty, she has lived through him being on Take Me Out surrounded by hundreds of pretty girls but this is the last straw.

"It is the lying that really upset her. She is heartbroken."

But even though they're not on the best of terms right now, Christine and Paddy are united over one thing at least - and that's their fury at Nicole.

According to The Sunday People, a close friend of Paddy and Christine has revealed that the couple, who have been married nearly seven years and share two children together, can't believe Nicole.

Apparently, they're livid over the fact that Nicole just ran off to another country and left them to deal with the aftermath.

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They said: "It is very telling that Nicole has done nothing to dispel the rumours or clarify what happened.

"We can’t believe she hasn’t said anything."

Another source told The Sun: "Paddy and Christine are furious that she's only fuelled speculation by staying silent and going abroad - leaving them to publicly deal with the fallout."

Oh DEAR oh dear.

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