Paddy McGuinness opens up about life with autistic children

Take Me Out presenter Paddy broke down in tears with chat show host John Bishop has he spoke about ‘craving normality’ for his autistic kids

Paddy McGuinness

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Paddy McGuinness has opened up about his struggles as a father of autistic children.

The Take Me Out presenter’s five-year-old twins Leo and Penelope were diagnosed with autism and his wife Christine has previously revealed that she fears their two-year-old daughter Felicity will also be diagnosed as autistic.

Speaking on John Bishop’s In Conversation With… series, Paddy revealed that he has struggled with fatherhood.

Paddy McGuinness Christine McGuinness children
Paddy and Christine's 5-year-old twins are autistic ©Instagram

“It’s still very difficult for me to deal with – it’s still very difficult. We crave… I crave normality with my children,” he admitted.

Tearing up, he continued: “Now I have this different thing where, the things that people take for granted… like I was out at the local supermarket and a guy was there with his son. About a four year old, and he’s going ‘Dad, can I have a yoghurt?’ and he’s like ‘no you can’t have a bloody yoghurt put it back your mum’s doing your tea’.”

“So he’s like ‘wahhh’ and the dad’s like ‘put it back’ and you know… a total normal, mundane thing, and I looked at it and thought ‘God – that bloke is so lucky to have that’. That’s how I felt at the time.”

Paddy’s wife Christine has become a spokesperson for those with autism and has often spoken out about the difficulties that those with the condition face.

During an appearance on Loose Women last year, she said: “We had absolutely no idea they had autism even though the signs were there.

‘They were non-verbal until they were three, they both walked on their tip toes, they didn’t socialise very well, they still do struggle with socialising with other children.

‘That’s probably one of the most heart-breaking parts of it because that’s just something you expect your children to do, go and make lots of friends. It is quite common for children and adults with autism to struggle with socialising.”

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During his chat with John Bishop, Paddy also revealed that he’s in the process of making a TV show about having children with autism.

“I’m just working on it at the minute, I’m going to be doing a programme about it, because I feel that strongly about it,” he revealed.

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