NEWSFLASH: Paddy McGuinness is super FIT!


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Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness has shown off his VERY fit body in a fitness video posted on social media

There are a small minority of us living in the UK who have a MASSIVE thing for Paddy McGuinness.

Some of us just can't resist the Take Me Out host's charm. But we totally get that he's a bit of a leftfield choice, and not many people share our lust.

HOWEVER. A little video that the dad-of-two uploaded to his Instagram and Twitter pages might just make you reconsider...

Look at those arms! (Credit: Instagram/ Paddy McGuinness) ©Instagram/ Paddy McGuinness

Paddy, 43, put up a 45-second video on social media of himself doing various fitness exercises.

We've got to admit, we did a triple-take when we saw his MASSIVE arms muscles pretty much bulging out of his tank top.

The hilarious comedian put The Village People's Macho Man song over the top of the video, which saw him doing a variety of very impressive exercises including pull-ups and press-ups.

Blimey - he really IS a macho man! (Credit: Instagram/ Paddy McGuinness) ©Instagram/ Paddy McGuinness

Paddy put the video on Instagram alongside the caption: "Little glimpse from today's session. Bit better on the rings and finishing with some HIIT training. I'm getting there slowly but surely! #DadTraining."

He also wrote on Twitter: "Put this on Instagram earlier. For us lads over 40! We can still do it chaps...just!!!"

Many people praised the funnyman for his impressive feat, with fans writing: "Brilliant gains matey," "Focused...well done Paddy!" and "Looking good paddy man keep up the training lad."

Ooh-er... (Credit: Instagram/ Paddy McGuinness) ©Instagram/ Paddy McGuinness

But others seemed to share our thoughts.

One fan wrote: "Since when did Paddy get so fit!"

Another commented: "Let the donuts see the dumbells ... ooh you are looking 🔥😍x," and another wrote: "WOW - are you in training for a James Bond movie?!"

In what we think is a very decent move from the Lancashire lad, he took the time to respond to fans who had praised him, encouraging those who'd said they felt motivated by his video to get in shape too.

©Twitter/ Paddy McGuinness
©Twitter/ Paddy McGuinness
©Twitter/ Paddy McGuinness

WOWZA. We're getting a bit flustered...

Do you think Paddy McGuinness is looking good? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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