We can’t believe what Niall Horan just said about Liam Payne and Cheryl!

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Liam and Cheryl have been dating since early 2016 but Niall Horan has said something VERY surprising about the couple

Anyone who doesn't live under a rock knows that Liam Payne and Cheryl are in a relationship and have baby Bear Grey Payne together but now Liam's former bandmate Niall Horan has said something pretty odd about the couple's relationship.

Unlike the rest of us who had to wait for the couple to confirm they were dating and then again that they were starting a family together, we're pretty sure that Niall was in the know the whole time. After all, he did spend five years in the band One Direction with Liam.

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Liam and Chez welcomed baby Bear into the world earlier this year (Credit: instagram / liampayne) ©Instagram/liampayne

However, the 23-year-old star has opened up about his opinion on Liam and Chez and admitted that he thinks their relationship is "random."

Appearing up on American radio station KIIS FM, he said: "The Liam and Cheryl thing is quite random."


But before you speculate whether there's trouble between Liam and Niall, the Irish star only called their relationship random after he was asked to name "two people that hooked up that [he] never expected."

niall horan liam payne
Niall admitted he thinks Liam and Chez's relationship si random (Credit: Getty Images)

The 24-year-old dad and Chez, 34, sure did surprise everyone last year when they revealed they were dating, shortly after the yummy mummy split from her ex-husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. The Girls Aloud star and her ex were married for 18 months but they split before they could celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

Last year they were finally granted a decree nisi last year. The quick divorce came just a few months before Cheryl finally confirmed she was pregnant.

Liam and Cheryl are parents to their baby boy Bear (Credit: Instagram / LiamPayne) ©Instagram/LiamPayne

We're really not sure why Niall thinks their relationship is random though because it was him who set them up!


Before Chiam were a thing, it was Niall and Simon Cowell who got the pair together after they told Liam and Chez that they fancied each other.

niall horan liam payne
Liam and Cheryl fancied each other way before they started dating (Credit: Getty Images)

Liam explained: "Niall came over to me and said you'll never guess who's got a crush on you – Cheryl.

"I was saying something about Cheryl in Simon's house and he said I know who the future Mrs Payne is."

He added: "Apparently, he really embarrassed her one day by saying, 'Do you know who really, really fancies you', and she left the room bright red and Niall told me this whole story.

"They played Cupid."

Well, it definitely worked out well.

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