Michelle Keegan’s film debut takes just £160 in a weekend


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Strangeways Here We Come has not exactly been a runaway success so far

Since first appearing as Tina McIntyre in Coronation Street, Michelle Keegan's career has gone from strength to strength.

After making a name for herself on the soap, Mark Wright's wife then went on to achieve further success with roles in BBC drama Our Girl and ITV's Tina and Bobby.

But her debut movie role in Strangeways Here We Come has failed to make quite the same mark, making just £1,502 in its opening weekend and a further £160 the following week.

Our Girl
©Michelle Keegan © BBC Pictures

Michelle stars as Demi in the dark comedy, which follows residents of a tower block as they attempt to kill a loan shark.

But after filming the movie in her hometown of Manchester in a bid to break into Hollywood, Michelle is no doubt disappointed with the result.

A source told The Mirror, "Michelle is well thought of in the TV industry and starting to make a name for herself in Hollywood. But this is disappointing to say the least."

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While the film has been largely panned in the reviews, a source claims it was never intended to be a worldwide smash hit as it only showed in 12 venues across the country.

They told The Mirror, "Michelle was one part of a large ensemble cast – not the lead.

"It had a very limited release and was never going to be a box office blockbuster."

Despite the disappointing outcome of Strangeways Here We Come, the actress revealed earlier this year that she's always auditioning for roles in LA, where her husband works.

Michelle Keegan
©Michelle Keegan © PA Images

She told the Press Association, "It’s going really well. I have an agent out there so I’m constantly in contact with him.

"And the beauty of my profession is that you don’t actually have to be in LA to audition. You self-tape and you send it over.

"So it’s great to meet directors and casting directors face to face but I also self-tape as well."

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