Here’s what EastEnders’ OG Lucy Beale is doing now

In 2010 she was axed from the show

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Are there any soap characters more iconic than Lucy Beale?

Not just on Eastenders, but in general. We followed the character from the day she was born to the day she died (RIP) and then A LONG time afterwards as the whole nation waited for her killer to be revealed.

Whilst many will associate the role with Hetti Bywater, as she was the final actor to play the character,Melissa Suffield was the actor who really defined the role and made Lucy who she was.

lucy beale eastenders

Melissa was sadly axed from Eastenders back in 2010, but in the time since has gone on to have a successful career and have a family. Here's what she's been up to since she left the show.

Who is Melissa Suffield?

Melissa Suffield is an actor best known for playing Lucy Beale in Eastenders from 2004 to 2010. She was born in London and has been acting since the age of 10, first appearing in the children's series Magic Grandad in 2003.

In the time since leaving the show she starred in the BBC Three documentary 16: Too Young To Vote? and reported in an episode of Watchdog. She has also had acting roles in Casualty and Norma Jeane, a musical about Marilyn Monroe.

Outside of her work as an actor Melissa is also a influencer with an active presence on social media and describes herself on Instagram as an 'Advocate for body neutrality'.

How old is Melissa Suffield?

Melissa Suffield was born on 24 December 1992, meaning she is currently 29 years old.

Who did Melissa Suffield play in Eastenders?

Melissa Suffield played Lucy Beale in Eastenders. Lucy was the daughter of Ian Beale and Cindy Beale, and was the twin of Peter Beale.

Melissa was the third actor to play the role and she was preceded by Eva Brittin-Snell, who played the role from 1993 to 1996, and Casey Anne Rothery, who played the role from 1996 to 2004, and was proceeded by Hetti Bywater, who played the role from 2012 to 2015.

Melissa Suffield as Lucy Beale

Who killed Lucy Beale?

The mystery of who killed Lucy Beale kept the nation on their seats for... well for a bit too long tbh. The storyline went on for quite a while and some got a bit frustrated. In the end though the wait payed off with the reveal that Lucy had been killed by none other than her half-brother Bobby Beale 😱.

Hetti Bywater as Lucy Beale

Jane initially covers for Bobby, but Ian eventually finds out. Two years after Lucy's murder Bobby is convicted and sent to prison for three years. Upon his release Bobby suffers from guilt and is haunted by Lucy when in the Beale household.

Whilst the wait to find out the identity of Lucy's killer was VERY drawn out, we certainly didn't see this twist coming, and we, along with many fans, were certainly not disappointed with the reveal.

Why was Melissa Suffield axed from EastEnders?

Melissa was reportedly axed from Eastenders due to her ignoring numerous warnings from bosses about her "unruly behaviour" and being branded as "out of control". These claims came after she posted a photo on Facebook of her surrounded by bottles and another of her posing next to a lollipop with the words "suck me for pleasure" on.

Talking to the York Press she said, "I recall vividly sitting outside the executive producer's office with my mum, waiting for my fate.

"They said they were letting me go, and that I was out of control.

"They said I had the show's reputation to uphold and there were standards which I wasn't meeting.

"It wasn't technically a sacking but they didn't renew my contract. The feeling was that, 'We think you need help - and need to help yourself'.

"It was very agitated and I felt trapped. There were four grown-up producers sat in front of me and I had nothing to say.

"Sorry wasn't good enough. They said how disappointed they were - it was like a parent telling off a child - I felt very small."

Melissa, who was 17 at the time, disagreed with these perceptions of her, arguing she was just "testing boundaries" and doesn't regret her actions.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror she added, ""People have painted me as going out every night and coming to work in a terrible state but that was never the case.

"I never went out if I had work and probably only went out about four or five times because the invites were too good to turn down.

"I am happier and securer than I've ever been. I regretted it at the time and for months afterwards but I'm fine with it now."

She shared how she was doing on Twitter in 2012. She wrote, "I'm a bigger, better, happier person now. Great starting point for me but I've moved on."

She added her thoughts regrading Hetti Bywater's causing in the role, writing, " give the new girl a chance - it's a very tough job and I wish her every success. Like I said, I'm happier now and hope you all are x."

Was Melissa Suffield on Casualty?

Melissa appeared on Casualty for three episode back in 2012, playing the character of Alicia Dans.


Is Melissa Suffield married?

Melissa is married to cruise director Robert Brendan. They had their first child together, a son named River, in March 2020 and currently live in Queenborough, on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

What is Melissa Suffield up to at the moment?

Melissa Suffield is currently working as an influencer of sorts. She uses her Instagram [{href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'}) to promote body positivity and share her experiences of motherhood.

She recently shared an empowering reel in which she dances in her underwear to the song Free by Ultra Nate.

Melissa captioned the post, "Whether it’s what you look like, how you parent, who you love, or if it’s jam or cream first on a scone, everyone always has an opinion. And often, it can seem judgmental and critical- especially when it’s vocalised without request.

"But it’s ok to do things differently from one another. In fact, it’s GREAT. Even if it isn’t what Brenda from next door would do.

"A great way to deal with unwanted opinions and critique is to set some clear boundaries and have some statements ready to rock and roll. Along the lines of ‘thanks, but what we do really works for us’ or ‘my way makes me happy’ or (if you’re feeling particularly fierce that day) ‘I’m not currently looking for suggestions, but if I ever do I’ll be sure to give you a buzz’.

"Keep doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Keep taking risks. Keep marching to the beat of your own drum. Keep choosing to please yourself.

"Do you, not them."

We 🙌 are 🙌 here 🙌 for Melissa's brand of body positive content, and are glad to see she's using her platform and following to make a difference.

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Melissa talked exclusively to Closer back in 2021 with regards to the role filters can play on Instagram and the need for real bodies to be visible. This was in response to a debate around the issue after Melissa had posted a candid picture of her post pregnancy body on instagram.

She said, "“I’ve got so many stretchmarks after having River, I can’t even hide them! And I don’t want to, because so many people have scars and cellulite and that shouldn’t be a taboo. I don’t want my son to grow up having an unrealistic view of what women look like. I’m celebrating my natural body because it gave me River; shifting 10lbs to be the ‘perfect’ size 10 isn’t a priority."

Does Melissa Suffield have Twitter?

She does - you can follow her @IAmMelTeaser.

What is Melissa Suffield's Instagram?

She does - you can follow her @the.confidentmama.

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