Mel B’s £1.8million out-of-court payout to ex-nanny to stop defamation trial

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Mel B's former nanny sued her back in 2017

Mel B has reportedly agreed to pay out a £1.8million deal to prevent her former nanny Lorraine Gilles from pursuing her defamation suit.

In 2017, Mel B's former nanny, who allegedly had threesomes with the singer and her now ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, filed a lawsuit against the Spice Girl following claims in her divorce papers that Lorraine was a 'homewrecker' and a 'prostitute'.

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Mel’s sex claims

Mel B, 43, sensationally revealed last week that she'd had a boozy night of passion with Geri, 46 – who is said to be furious with her, as her daughter Bluebell, 13, could read the story. A worried Mel C, 45, hinted the fallout could ruin the reunion, responding to Mel B's exposé by saying, "That's it then, the tour is off."

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Geri’s posh new life

Geri married F1 boss Christian Horner in 2015 and replaced the tongue-poking andpeace-signs with spiritualism sessionsand cookery classes. She has a society neighbour, Lady Joanna Wellesley, and a menagerie of goats and donkeys at her country manor. She also reportedly stopped a photo shoot with the Spices so she could meditate – and her new lifestyle is said to have irked Northern lass Mel B.

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Manager fallout

The Spices sacked old boss Simon Fuller in 1997, amid reports he'd had a relationship with Emma Bunton, 43 – which they both denied – but he's involved with the tour in partnership with Mel C's Modest Management agency. He's also responsible for Brand Beckham – which won't sit well with the girls if they reportedly continue to clash with Posh, 44.

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Post & Mel B's feud

Fans want a guest appearance fromPosh, but she doesn't get on with Mel B. Mel reportedly described Posh as "a bit of a bitch" in an interview last month, and allegedly told her to "f*** off" during a phone call last year. She then dressed up as her for Halloween. Posh also said the girls used to switch off her mic on-stage!

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Nerves over past humiliation

Their 2007 comeback single Headlines was a flop, limping into the charts at number 20, and they fear the same will happen with the tour. Emma suffered anxiety before tickets went on sale, while Geri is reportedly taking singing lessons to avoid embarrassment.

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Fury at Jess Glynne payout

Allegedly without the girls' say so, tour managers booked Jess Glynne as their support act, agreeing to a hefty £1.3million fee. The Spice Girls, who are rumoured to be pocketing £2.2m each, are said to be furious, suggesting tensions will rise in the dressing rooms. Jess, however, said she only agreed to the tour as she was such a massive Spice Girls fan and wanted to "hang out" with them.

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Wardrobe woes

Stage costumes are causing problems as the foursome struggle to agree whether their fans want to see them wearing their '90s outfits – think Union Jack dresses – or more grown-up attire. While Mel B is apparently "desperate to relaunch herself as an edgy, sexy star to compete with the likes of Rita Ora", Geri wants a more wholesome image to appeal to the older, original fans.

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Victoria is still cashing in

It's no secret that money is a big motivation for the tour. But Victoria will still make millions without stepping foot on stage, as she owns an equal stake in the band's brand. This has reportedly caused fury among the band members.

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A fifth spice?

The Girls are reportedly discussing having a "fifth Spice". Comedian Jack Whitehall and superfan Adele have offered their services, while The X Factor's Saara Aalto revealed Mel C told her she could join. But would that mean splitting their earnings even further?

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Old animosities

Although Emma is seen as the sweet one, she's no pushover. She may have forgiven Geri for quitting the band in 2003, but reveals that she won't stay quiet if the Girls squabble. "I was never afraid to say exactly what I thought. It's still the same now," she said recently.

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Following Mel B's agreement to a settlement, it's prevented any details of her relationships - past romances and her rocky marriage with her ex-husband - from coming to light in court.

It's been a two-year court battle but now the 43 year old and Lorraine have agreed that "keeping the matter under wraps was best for all".

According to the Mirror, one of Mel's business associates have claimed that the singer also wanted to prevent her celebrity friends such as Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and some of the other Spice Girls from being called as a witness in court.

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They told the publication: "Mel was just happy to clear this mess up once and for all.

"Things were said in court papers in the heat of a divorce, which exploded into this lawsuit. But in recent weeks their frost has thawed, with them even meeting in the same room to work out their differences.

"After the Geri controversy, the last thing she wanted was the rest of the band on the stand being probed all about her sex life."

Mel and Lorraine have reportedly agreed to "go their separate ways and not bad mouth each other."

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In other Mel B related news, the Spice Girl recently claimed she and Geri Horner had a one night stand back in the 90s.

Geri has since broken her silence following her bandmates sex claims and said the reports are "simply not true".

A source has since told Closer magazine: "Mel is angry and hurt by Geri’s reaction – she doesn’t understand why she’d deny it, as it was so long ago. Mel’s told Emma and Mel C that she refuses to perform alongside Geri unless she comes clean and tells the truth.

"She wants an apology from Geri – she says she’d rather lose the money from the tour than her dignity and pride. She’s excited about the tour and doesn’t want to pull out, but she’s furious she’s being made to look silly."

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