Martine McCutcheon says EastEnders axing still stings nearly 20 years on


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Martine McCutcheon has revealed that she still thinks about being axed from EastEnders in 1998 after playing Tiffany Mitchell for four years

Although Martine McCutcheon left EastEnders in 1998 after her beloved character Tiffany Mitchell was killed by Frank Butcher on New Years' Eve, we sometimes still miss her.

We're not sure what it was about Tiff that made us all love her so much, but her death nearly 20 years ago still hurts some of us.

Including, apparently, Martine herself.

Martine played Tiffany Mitchell for four years (Credit: BBC/ EastEnders) ©BBC/ EastEnders

Martine's exit from the hit soap back in 1998 was a bit of a controversial one - since Martine didn't even know she was leaving until it was announced on a radio show.

That's right, she found out she was leaving the soap after catching it by chance on the radio.


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And the 41-year-old has admitted that it is still a touchy subject, nearly two decades on.

Speaking to The Mirror, she said: "As an actress you never take for granted that you are ever going to be in a job for more than two minutes, but it was the way I was told by listening to the radio."


She was embroiled in a violent relationship with Grant Mitchell (Credit: BBC/ EastEnders) ©BBC/ EastEnders

Martine added that it she felt humiliated as fellow castmates asked her why she hadn't told them: "None of the other cast members believed me.

"They were like, 'I cannot believe you didn't tell us!' and I was like, 'No I am so embarrassed!'

"It was the way it was done. At any time they can get rid of you. Nobody is the star of that show – the show is star."

Ain't that the truth.

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