MAFS Amy Christophers: ‘Being dumped by Josh Christie was so cold – but I’ve met someone new’

After being left heartbroken by her experience on Married At First Sight, Amy Christophers has big hopes for her budding romance...

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by Daisy McLure |

It’s been a year of highs and lows for Married At First Sight star Amy Christophers. After finding fame and love on the E4 dating show, she endured a very public split with “husband” Josh Christie just a fortnight before the reunion show in October.

Last time Closer caught up with the sports journalist, she was heartbroken after athlete and DJ Josh, 26, had dumped her – and she now describes their split as “a cold cut-off”.

Amy, 35, says, “We haven’t spoken since the reunion show aired. It was a bit of a cold cut-off. I wouldn’t say we’ve left it on a bad note – there’s no animosity between the two of us. I’m sure if we saw each other out we would be civil and say ‘hello’. It would be nice to still have a friendship because we went through a lot together, but I guess I’m just a bit more sentimental than he is.

“I’m happy now and I’ve got over what’s happened. I’m in a place where I could have a healthy friendship with him.”

But despite Amy previously telling Closer how the agony of their break-up had left her with “no faith in love”, she now happily reveals that she is dating again.

“I have met someone I like but it’s very early days and we are both so busy with work,” she says coyly. And while she won’t be drawn on giving away details of her new man, she does say that, like her, he’s focused on his career. She says, “I need somebody who is career-oriented. I want to be able to say, ‘You do your career and I’ll do mine’ then we come together and have a good time. I want to build an empire with someone.”

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After “marrying” Josh on the show – with the couple admitting they “had no problems in the bedroom department” – their relationship was soon fraught with fiery rows, and Amy accused him of not making an effort in their marriage.

She was also targeted by trolls, which drove her to tears – but although she found some aspects of her newfound fame “very hard”, she now has ambitions for the year ahead, including launching her new earring line with jewellery boutique Red Ruby Rouge.

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She says, “I’ve always been into big, statement earrings so I wanted to do my own jewellery line. When the first lockdown happened, I sent my designs to some brands and now I’m working with Red Ruby Rouge – it’s so exciting!”

And while Amy is “still trying to process” how her life has transformed, she is also learning lessons from her journey. She says, “I just try to grow daily and if I were to pinpoint one thing I’ve learned, I’d probably say don’t put too much pressure on yourself and let life flow. Timing is everything and it’ll happen when it’s meant to. Just relax and enjoy the ride – don’t get so fixed on the destination because you’ll be missing the best bits.”

Check out Amy’s new earring range, WOW by Amy Christophers

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