MAFS Amy: ‘It was hard seeing Josh at the reunion – he looked so hot!’

After her marriage breakdown to Josh Christie, MAFS UK’s Amy Christophers tells Closer how she regrets not listening to her co-stars and reveals her plans now the show is over

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They had a tumultuous marriage on the show, with blazing rows and a fiery sex life. But the MAFS reunion show, which was due to air on Monday night, revealed that Amy Christophers and Josh Christie had called time on their relationship.

Sports presenter Amy and athlete and DJ Josh were partnered up as experts believed that self-confessed ladies’ man Josh, 26, had left his old ways behind and was a perfect match for feisty Amy.

Amy Christophers Josh Christie
They had a difficult time on the show ©E4

While Amy, 34, expressed reservations about their eight-year age gap at their wedding, the couple had moments of promise during the experiment, with both of them saying there were “no problems in the bedroom department”. But viewers also saw the hot-headed couple have blazing rows and clash over their levels of affection, with Josh calling Amy “needy”.

Now, two months on from when the Reunion show was filmed in August, Amy tells Closer that she’s still reeling from her break-up with Josh, but happy they’ve remained close. She says, “We worked so hard on the show and at times, it felt like us against the world. But on the outside, we couldn’t make it work. I really tried to find a solution to every hurdle we faced, but the distance was quite hard – with him living in London and me living in Cornwall.

“I don’t want to insult Josh – he’s a good guy – but I tried to ask him a real reason for our break-up and he just couldn’t give one. I felt like he wasn’t making an effort.

“The reunion show was tough, because it was still raw. I was full of emotions and seeing him again brought all of those feelings back. He had been working out and looked so hot! We’re on good terms now though – I care about him a lot and want him to be happy. We were portrayed as always rowing but we had a lot of laughs together. We still talk every day.”

Amy has had her fair share of heartache, and revealed on the show that, during her early thirties, her fiancé left her, and she then found out she was pregnant, expecting twins. She tragically miscarried one, and chose to medically terminate the other, leaving her heartbroken.

Amy Christophers Josh Christie
Amy and Josh on their wedding day ©E4

And while Amy says she was hopeful she’d find The One on the show, her experience has left her lacking faith in love, and she’s wary of how she came across to any potential suitors who were watching.

She says, “I said before I went into the experiment, ‘I’m either going to meet the love of my life or I’m going to learn a massive lesson and meet the love of my life afterwards.’ But I don’t have any faith in love at the moment! I’m in self-preservation mode and healing. I’m just worried any men might be put off, and think I’m a miserable cow after watching me. I’m really not – I’m a really loving girlfriend and person!”

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Amy has already been in the public eye, having carved out a career as a sports presenter after glamour modelling, and having starred on The Bachelor in 2012.

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And with fame comes opinions on social media - and while Amy says she’s able to brush off any negative comments about her appearance and is body confident, she struggles with being criticised for her personality.

She says, “In terms of body hang-ups, I’m confident. I think my body is amazing. I didn’t use to – I used to criticise myself more when I was a slim size 6, in my early twenties. But now I love the body I have – I’ll go to the gym but I won’t beat myself up if I fancy a burger, too.

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“I don’t let things get to me, but reading comments attacking my character has been hard. Sometimes emotions get the better of me and I am passionate and, yes, I can get feisty at times if it’s something that I believe in. But I was stupid to let my emotions get the better of me.”

While she had hopes for a future with Josh – with the pair discussing moving to Manchester together – Amy is now reassessing her future, and has decided to put love on the backburner and focus on her career.

She says, “I’m going to crack on with my TV career, my sports presenting and I’d love to go into documentary making. I’m just focusing on myself now, but I know the man of my dreams is out there somewhere.”

Read more in this week's Closer magazine, out now

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