Louise Redknapp has broken her silence on split with hubby Jamie in candid This Morning interview


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Louise Redknapp has finally addressed rumours of her split with husband Jamie, who she has been married to for 19 years.

Rumours of a split between Louise, 42, and Jamie, 44, first surfaced in July after a source told The Sun that she had confirmed it to her close friends.

But no official statement had been made between the two since then, which left fans wondering whether they were working on their marriage.

WATCH: Louise Redknapp discusses her split from husband Jamie | ITV/ This Morning

That is, until today.

Louise appeared on This Morning to discuss the revival of her performing career after coming third on Strictly Come Dancing last year.

But when Eamonn Holmes just came out with it and asked what the situation was with Jamie at the moment, she gave in and just let it all out.

She explained: "It's been so heavily documented and of course, we all go through hard times. My priority, and his priority, are our children. Protecting them and keeping as much private as possible and loving them and putting them first and that's really what we are focusing on.

"For me, going back to work has been something that has been a real saviour. Doing Strictly does something. For me it was all about performing. And to go back on stage every night and to get the opportunity again. It's great.

"I'd been at home for 12 years doing the mum thing."

Louise and Jamie share two sons together, Charley and Beau (Credit: Instagram/ Louise Redknapp) ©Instagram/ Daisy Lowe

This seems to confirm thoughts that Louise felt a new lease of life after taking part in the BBC talent show.

She said of her revived career: "Sometimes in life you have to be fearless... You have to just, it's really hard, especially as you get older to be fearless, you become aware of everything."

Whilst she still didn't literally confirm her split, her words today are near enough as much a confirmation as any.

This will upset fans who were hoping to see the two reunite, especially as Louise has been spotted still wearing her wedding ring.

Even back in October when Louise first started out on her Strictly journey, cracks were starting to show.

She appeared on Lorraine, revealing that she'd felt "left behind" as a mum.

Louise was happy and animated when talking about her new role in Cabaret (Credit: ITV/ This Morning) ©ITV/ This Morning

Louise said: "For me and I think so many mums will appreciate it, I was at home for quite a long time just being a mum.

"And as much as I loved that, I did feel a little bit left behind and they were getting bigger and I felt like I really needed to do something for myself and to love doing something."

She added: "I'm in a house of boys and they play football everyday and honestly they were always out and it got to the stage where I thought, 'I'm literally just at home waiting for everyone to get home.'"

"When Strictly came along I thought I'm going to be a little bit selfish and take this for me and I'll look forward to getting back home and being with the boys but I'm making the most of it while it's there."

Well, we don't think it was selfish at all, Louise.

You've got to do what's best for you.

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