Lisa Riley breaks down on Loose Women over concerns about upcoming weight loss surgery

The ex-Emmerdale star is having excess skin removed


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Ex-Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley has become a champion for weight-loss.

After losing an absolutely whopping SIX stone in the space of a year, Lisa, 40, went from an obese size 30 to an amazing and healthy size 12.

She's been very upfront and honest about her weight loss in her role as a Loose Women panellist, and in January she revealed her plans to have her excess skin removed.

Lisa Riley
Lisa discussed her upcoming surgery on Loose Women in January (Credit: ITV) ©Youtube / Loose Women

The actress emotionally discussed her upcoming weight loss surgery on her last Loose Women appearance before the operation today, revealing that she's "petrified" of not waking up from the anaesthetic.

She said: "I suppose I'm putting a bit of a front on, if I'm being honest. You girls saw me really upset this morning, but I want to personally thank everyone for their support."

Getting emotional as she went on, she said: "Thanks to all the Loose Women viewers, the support I've received on social media has been unbelievable.

"And that will get me through the next five weeks which are going to be desperately hard."

Lisa got very emotional as she talked through her concerns (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Jane Moore told her she'd earned it, which seemed to set her emotions off even more as she fought to hold back the tears.

She replied: "People have judged me and said how they feel - excuse the pun, but I've become thick skinned!

"I've got to go into this with my eyes open but I'm petrified about going under the anaesthetic."

The actress revealed she was "petrified" (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

The other Loose Women comforted her, reaching over to touch her and reassure her that she would be ok.

But she could not shake the fear that she would have a reaction to the anaesthetic. She explained that health-wise, she should be fine, but she'd had dreams that had "tormented" her.

"It's the ultimate fear that I won't wake up."

But after being soothed by her fellow panellists, Lisa appeared to feel a lot better about the surgery.

Lisa went from a size 30 to a healthy size 12 (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

She also explained the surgery she would be having: "It's going to be in two parts. The first will be the 'fleur de lis'. They'll get rid of the excess skin, the back fat and on my inside thighs and my lady garden is going to get tugged.

The women then burst into fits of laughter: "Oh sorry, can I say that on daytime TV?" before being reassured that she was "on the right show to talk about 'lady gardens!'"

She continued: "The second part will be my breasts and under my arms.

"I feel like I've found a friend in my surgeon, which is what I need as I go into the operation. My vision is that I want to look like a cello - he's going to keep his side of the bargain now and just nip me in a bit more."

We're rooting for you Lisa!

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