Lisa Riley reveals Strictly was the start of her weight loss journey

The former Emmerdale star revealed that Strictly kickstarted her weight loss journey

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Earlier this year Lisa Riley surprised everyone when she showed off her dramatic weight loss.

The former Strictly contestant went from a size 30 down to a healthy and curvy size 14.

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She has now opened up about the reasons why she signed up to BBC1's hit show: "I wanted to prove my right to dance and didn't want to be the chunky monkey fat one," she said on Loose Women.

She added: "I wanted to show people that this was my skill and I had a right to be on national television doing what I love."

The 40-year-old also revealed that before the show she was petrified: "The main thing that really frightened me (because I'd seen the show as a viewer) was the being lifted."

She overcame her insecurity by ignoring the dance competitions rule book and lifting her partner Robin Windsor, becoming the first woman to ever lift their partner on the show.

Yay Lisa!

Lisa also revealed that taking part in the BBC show helped her metabolism, she told the Loose Women: "Strictly was a real kick for that [her energy levels]. My metabolism got kicked after doing Strictly."

Lisa has previously admitted that she decided to lose weight after her father was taken to hospital. While the doctors were looking for prostate cancer she found out that all the men in the ward had type two diabetes, she explained: "I sat there for the eight days dad was in and of course as a visitor you go 'I don't want to be that. I don't want to be that statistic.'

"And I think it was the fear factor. A bulb went off in my head."

Even though she doesn't believe in fad diets she realised after reflecting on the food and alcohol she consumed she wanted to change her eating habit. She cut down her portions, no longer drinks alcohol and has taken up fitness classes.

"I started doing Zumba and Yoga which I adored and it's so much fun.

"You go to Zumba and you have a right laugh."

We're happy you've found something fun Lisa!

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