“Like a nine-month hangover”: Jennifer Metcalfe opens up about the realities of pregnancy


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Jennifer Metcalfe gave birth in June this year and while she loves being a mother she's admitted that her pregnancy took its toll.

Speaking to the Mail Online, the Hollyoaks actress likened being pregnant to a "nine month hangover".

She said: “I just felt pants every day. I just felt like I had a nine month hangover without the fun in-between obviously. Every day I just felt a bit sick."

She continued: “Basically I had a bit of every pregnancy symptom you can get. I had a bit of constipation, I was beyond tired.

"The nausea was the worst because that started after six weeks and went right through until the end. I'm glad it's over!”

Sounds pretty bad...

But of course having little Daye makes up for it all and Jennifer even confessed she is more body confident than ever since becoming a mum.

She revealed: “I think I always feel confident now, I guess I don't care as much as I get older.

“I do care about my health and I don't want to be severely overweight or underweight but I think as long as it's functioning properly and I'm at a nice healthy weight then I don't really care if I look absolutely perfect in a bikini.

Jennifer has been praised for being honest about her post-baby body (CREDIT: Instagram/JenniferMetcalfe) ©Instagram/JenniferMetcalfe

“For the last few years I've felt very confident in my own skin and since having the baby and I suppose seeing what the woman's body can do I've got a new found respect for it.”

And it seems motherhood has been all consuming for the star who says she hasn't even contemplated going back to work since giving birth.

She explained: "I haven't thought about it at all, I haven't thought about much else other than Daye.

It's hard work being a mother so he's just had my full attention and I haven't had time to think of much else."

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