Aww! What Liam Payne just said about single parents is SO sweet

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One Direction star Liam Payne has spoken out about his opinion on single parents

While Liam Payne has been promoting his new song he has been fairly open about his family life. He told fans Bear Payne's nickname, he revealed he's going to miss a very important day with Cheryl and his son and he might have overshared a bit too much recently when he confessed he hasn't had any complaints from his girlfriend about the size of his manhood

Now the 23-year-old dad has praised single parents and admitted he "don't understand how they do it" alone. Opening up at Capital FM's Summertime Ball, he told Bang! Showbiz: "It's the craziest thing and my thing is like for single parents I don't understand how they do it.

"Hats off to single parents because it is amazing what you guys do and me and Cheryl talk about it all the time but she's been at home with Bear a lot, she's already got him in a sleeping pattern in seven weeks like she's insane the woman doesn't stop."

Cheryl Cole Liam Payne
Liam has praised single parents (Credit: Getty Images)

Liam has previously spoken about how proud he is of Cheryl for raising their son Bear alone while he has been out and about promoting his new music.

He told the Daily Mail: "Cheryl's got him in a sleeping pattern already, we're getting seven hours of sleep a night.

"He's the best thing that's ever happened to me. She's the best mum in the world so I couldn't have picked a better woman to do it with."

The popstar couple announced their baby news on social media (Credit: Instagram / liampayne)

He continued: "What I've learned more than anything about being a dad is how hard it is to be a mum. It's such a hard thing, she hasn't had any help from anybody, she's done it all herself and I think she’s truly amazing."

Aww, we love how supportive the popstar couple are.

Are you a single parent? How have you found raising your child alone? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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