OMG! Liam Payne and Cheryl’s nickname for baby Bear is TOO CUTE!

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Liam Payne revealed the nickname he has given his son Bear Payne

Liam Payne has revealed the nickname he and his girlfriend Cheryl have named their so Bear Payne and it's absolutely adorable.

The former boyband member only recently opened up to his fans about life after becoming a parent. While the former One Direction memmer was at Kiss FM studios he recognised one of his fans who has been on Judge Rinder and admitted he watches a lot of daytime televison nowadays. Liam explained to the fan: "I saw you. I saw you. There's a lot of day time TV at home now we've got the baby."

"I didn't see it till the end so I don't know what happens. Just say you won."

Liam Payne
Liam and Chezza spend their time watching Judge Rinder - who knew? (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

The 23-year-old dad has been travelling to and from America while working on his first solo album, and during his recent trip to Chicago he revealed the adorable nickname he and Chezza have for their son Bear Payne.

Some of his fans attended an event at B96 Radio Station which allowed them to exclusively hear one of Liam's songs and watch him during an interview with the publication. During the appearance, one of the fans who attended the event revealed that Liam and Cheryl call their son Cub as a nickname.

cheryl liam payne
The popstar couple call their son 'Cub' as a nickname (Credit: Getty Images)

One fan tweeted: "He said his proudest moment was Bear and said at first he called him Cub a lot."

Another fan added: "And Liam said he calls Bear 'Cub' my heart"

Aww. What a fitting nickname – Bear Cub!

It seems Liam is still in shock at becoming a parent as he gushed about his son during the interview. On Twitter, another of his fans who attended the event wrote: "Here's is my experience with Liam Payne.

"Tyler was interviewing Liam, asking him about his baby, the boys etc.

Cheryl gave birth to her first child back in March (Credit: Instagram/ Liam Payne) ©Instagram/ Liam Payne

"[He] loves Redbull, talked about Chicago, what is good about being famous, what he last drank, what he doesn't like to eat, celebrity crush.

"He made a human! His words: I made a human, I helped, she did most * inserts noise * only mothers would understand."

They added: "He pointed to a mom, did the noise and was like you understand."

Oh Liam, welcome to parenthood.

It recently came to light that the popstar couple celebrated the arrival of their son by throwing a party with close family and friends.

Can we get an invite at your next party Liam and Chezza? We'll bring a gift...

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