Lauren Goodger hits back at plastic surgery claims

You tell em’ Lauren.

Lauren Goodger

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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It was only the other day that the ex-TOWIE star was being judged for that controversial snap of her nephew, but now she is being accused of wanting bum implants.

In her new! magazine column Lauren shut down the rumours by saying:

“Apparently I want bum implants now that I’m single. What difference would that make?!

“I think my ass is just fine thank you very much!

“Everyone knows I love a bum with a bit more meat on it, mine included!”

And last month the reality star, who is never shy of featuring gym pics or her full pout on Instagram told readers on her column that she loves her big bum.

“I’m loving my bum at the moment. I’ve had so many compliments about it! I’ve put on a couple of pounds, but it’s all gone to my bum.

"But I love a big bum! I’m a size ten and I’m feeling really confident about how I look.”

So there we have it guys, looks like Lauren's bum is natural and we are all for her body confidence.

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