Lauren Goodger shares controversial snap of her cute nephew

Is he too old to have a dummy?

lauren goodger nephew

by Stevie Martin |
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Reality star Lauren Goodger's instagram is best known for pouting selfies and sideboob, but her last snap is actually of her baby nephew Teddy.

In 2013, her sister Rianna gave birth to Teddy- and Lauren posted loads of pics to commemorate the occasion. Now she's posted an update, with Teddy almost three years old and sucking a dummy, which has attracted a lot of criticism.

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'Dummy at tht [sic] age' said one commenter. Another added: 'So bad for there teeth [sic] at nearly three any dentist will tell you that.'

Others came to Teddy and Rianna's defence: 'Out come the dummy police! You people going on about him having a dummy are ridic! Who cares!' one wrote, and another responded with: 'My son's 10 and still sucks his thumb each child is different and needs comfort'

Of course, there is no official line on dummy-sucking - most medical professionals advise that a child will give up their dummy between the ages of 2 and 4 of their own accord. Some might need to be weaned off it, but considering Teddy isn't even three yet (his birthday is July 3), then maybe everyone should leave him and his mum alone?!

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