Lauren Goodger, Danielle Lloyd, Frankie Essex and Charlotte Dawson bare all in naked shoots

Baring all is something that Lauren Goodger, Danielle Lloyd, Charlotte Dawson, and Frankie Essex– have found empowering and liberating

Lauren Goodger, Danielle Lloyd, Frankie Essex and Charlotte Dawson naked

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She’s never been shy of showing off her curves, and, last week, Lauren Goodger admitted she’d pose naked if she had the right opportunity.

The former TOWIE star was asked on an Instagram Q&A if she would fully strip and replied, “If the offer was right... like @kimkardashian”, referring to Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine nude photoshoot in 2014.

Lauren, 33, seemed to have forgotten that she has already posed in the nude, stripping off for a Closer shootin 2018. Showing off her new body after a juicing retreat and liposuction, Lauren told Closer at the time, “Look at me now! I feel really sexy. I love walking around naked now – I look better without clothes!”

Lauren Goodger nude
Lauren thinks she looks better with nothing on ©Ritchie Bains

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Danielle Lloyd: ‘I don’t care what people think!’

After a botched boob job in 2012 left her in hospital fighting for her life, Danielle Lloyd once swore she would never go under the knife again.

But last year, she revealed she’d done a U-turn and had another breast augmentation, liposuction on her stomach, and a Brazilian bum lift in a dramatic body overhaul – and she decided to strip off for Closer to show off the results.

A delighted Danielle, 36, said, “I couldn’t wait to get my kit off! This is the most confident I’ve been about my body in a long time. I know I said I wouldn’t have more surgery, but I sat and thought to myself, ‘Do I actually give a sh*t what people think?’ I’m allowed to change my mind because I want to feel happy.

“I didn’t feel attractive in a bikini because of my wonky boobs, and I wasn’t confident, whereas now I’m prancing around nude! I just feel like a new woman.”

Danielle Lloyd naked
Danielle told us she loves her new boobs and bum ©Charlotte Hackett

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Celeb boob jobs before and after

Victoria Beckham1 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Victoria Beckham, 1997

The artist formerly known as Posh Spice has never been one to shy away from baring the flesh. She had A-cup breasts on her frame back in the '90s.

Victoria Beckham2 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Victoria Beckham, 2013

Victoria girl-powered into the nougties with a noticeably larger 32DD chest but now appears to have reverted to her naturally smaller breast size.

Samia Ghadie3 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Samia Ghadie, 2011

Coronation Street hairdresser Samia Ghadie has always had a lovely, petite frame.

Samia Ghadie4 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Samia Ghadie, 2017

She went from an A- to a C-cup in 2013 after giving birth to her daughter Freya. The actress said: "After Freya was born my boobs disappeared. Anybody who knows me will know that it's something I talked about having done. I wanted to feel womanly again."

Katie Price5 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Katie Price, 1995

Glamour girl Katie Price - formerly 'Jordan' - started her career with 32B sized boobs.

Katie Price6 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Katie Price, 2018

Multiple boob jobs later, Katie's boobs were at their biggest when she was 32G in 2007. She has since had reductions and continues to talk about plans for more surgery.

Heidi Montag7 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Heidi Montag, 2005

Reality TV star Heidi Montag first hit our screens on American show The Hills.

Heidi Spratt8 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Heidi Pratt, 2013

Fast-forward a decade later and Heidi - now married to Spencer Pratt - had size F-cup breast implants. She has since spoken of her regrets and underwent a reduction.

Tiff Watson9 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Tiff Watson, 2015

Made In Chelsea star Tiff Watson LOVES working out and sticks to a strict vegan diet.

Tiff Watson10 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Tiff Watson, 2018

Following her breakup with co-star and longterm BF Sam Thompson, there has been much speculation over her noticeably bigger cleavage.

Imogen Thomas11 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Imogen Thomas, 2006

Big Brother contestant and Welsh beauty Imogen was always very confident in getting out her bod on-screen.

Imogen Thomas12 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Imogen Thomas, 2011

But that didn't stop her going up to an E-cup after leaving the BB house. She has since had a reduction to a C-cup.

Stephanie Waring13 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Stephanie Waring, 2009

Stephanie Waring has played scheming Cindy Cunningham on and off in Hollyoaks since 1996.

Stephanie Waring14 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Stephanie Waring, 2017

Stephanie said her body completely transformed after the birth of her daughter, so she boosted her chest to a D-cup.

Kym Marsh15 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Kym Marsh, 2013

Former Hear'Say singer and Corrie star Michelle has had three children.

Kym Marsh16 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Kym Marsh, 2017

She has talked about how happy she is with her body after going from a B-cup to a 34D.

Dannii Minogue17 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Dannii Minogue, 1995

Former popstar and X-Factor judge Dannii Minogue has always had a tiny figure much like her sister Kylie.

Dannii Minogue18 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Dannii Minogue, 2010

She decided to get her breasts enlarged after divorcing her husband Julian McMahon.

Jess Shears19 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jess Shears, 2017

Jess had a boob job when she was 20, before appearing on Love Island.

Jess Shears20 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jess Shears, 2018

But after another procedure, which she said was a 'botched job', Jess had a reduction.

Gemma Atkinson21 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Gemma Atkinson, 2005

Actress Gemma Atkinson first appeared on our screens as Lisa Hunter in Hollyoaks.

Gemma Atkinson22 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Gemma Atkinson, 2016

Gemma had double D-cup implants but has since spoken about how she regrets making the decision after feeling insecure following weight-loss.

Marnie Simpson,23 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Marnie Simpson, 2014

Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother star Marnie Simpson has spoken out about how there was a lot of pressure to look good on TV.

Marnie Simpson24 of 48
CREDIT: Instagram

Marnie Simpson, 2018

After a botched boob job in 2016, Marnie has since appeared in Celebrity Botched Up Bodies and had corrective surgery.

Vicky Pattison25 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Vicky Pattison, 2011

Geordie Shore beauty and queen of the I'm A Celeb jungle Vicky Pattison has always been upfront about getting surgery.

Vicky Pattison26 of 48
CREDIT: Instagram

Vicky Pattison, 2018

Vicky went from a 32B to a 32D because she wasn't happy with how her boobs looked. She said: "When I lost my weight, they were just really lifeless and limp. One got really long and the other got really small."

Chantelle Houghton27 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Chantelle Houghton, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother 'Living the Dream' winner Chantelle Houghton had B-cup boobs when she entered the house.

Chantelle Houghton28 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Chantelle Houghton, 2011

Soon after winning CBB and living the celeb highlife, Chantelle got FF implants. She recently talked about her regrets about doing this and has had a reduction.

Charlotte Crosby29 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Charlotte Crosby, 2013

Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby referred to her chest as a 'uniboob' - this is a symptom of a condition she was born with called congenital symmastia.

Charlotte Crosby30 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Charlotte Crosby, 2018

Charlotte had a procedure on her boobs in 2017 and she looks very happy with the results.

Rebekah Vardy31 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Rebekah Vardy, 2016

Loose Women panellist Rebekah Vardy has spoken about how she regrets going under the knife eight years ago.

Rebekah Vardy32 of 48
CREDIT: InstagramShutterstock

Rebekah Vardy, 2018

Martina Big33 of 48

Martina Big, 2011

Here's what controversial German actress and model Martina Big looked before getting surgery.

Martina Big34 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Martina Big, 2017

Now known for her EXTREME body modifications, Martina's boobs are an eye-watering 32S-cup. She even uses a pump to inflate her breasts with saline. Do not try this at home!

Kate Hudson, 201035 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Kate Hudson, 2010

Kate Hudson has never admitted it but is rumoured to have had a little help from surgeons with her chest.

Kate Hudson, 201736 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Kate Hudson, 2017

It's thought that she went from an AA to a B. Thoughts?

Darryn Lyons, 200637 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Darryn Lyons, 2006

Not going to lie, we'd never heard of 'Mr Paparazzi' before he went into Celebrity Big Brother in 2010.

Darryn Lyons, 201038 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Darryn Lyons, 2010

But he became an instant legend due to his cosmetically enhanced abs. Wow. Just... wow.

Rodrigo Alves39 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Rodrigo Alves, circa 2003 and 2018

Rodrigo Alves AKA the human Ken doll began having cosmetic procedures when he was just 19.

Rodrigo Alves40 of 48
CREDIT: Instagram

Rodrigo Alves, 2018

He's said to have spent £10,000 on pec implants and £22,000 on a fake six-pack. Blimey.

Lateysha Grace boob job41 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Lateysha Grace, 2017

The Valleys and Big Brother star Lateysha Grace used to have whopping F-cup implants.

Lateysha Grace42 of 48
CREDIT: Instagram

Lateysha Grace, 2018

Lateysha had her implants removed in 2018 to combat back pain.

Luisa Zissman43 of 48
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Luisa Zissman, 2013

Luisa thought her boob implants made her look like a "Love Island porn star".

Luisa Zissman44 of 48
CREDIT: Instagram

Luisa Zissman, 2018

She had her E-cup implants removed in 2018, taking her down to a "B or C cup."

Ellie Brown, 201845 of 48

Ellie Brown, 2018

Ellie Brown appeared on Love Island in 2018, sent in as bait for Dr Alex George. Somehow, she resisted his charms and coupled up with Charlie Brake.

Ellie Brown, 201846 of 48
CREDIT: Instagram

Ellie Brown, 2019

Ellie allegedly went under the knife in October 2018, taking her bust from a 32B to a 32C. It's claimed she kept her surgery on the down low as she didn't want to influence her young followers on Instagram.

Chloe Khan47 of 48

Chloe Khan (formerly Mafia) 2010

Chloe Mafia, as she was then known, was mercilessly mocked by the public after her disastrous X Factor stint in 2010 for her 'chavvy' look.

Chloe Khan48 of 48

Chloe Khan 2017

Fast forward a few years and Chloe has rebranded herself as a savvy businesswoman and bought herself a pair of GIANT boobs to boot.

Frankie Essex: ‘I don’t want to be skinny!’

Her weight has fluctuated over the years, but last year, Frankie Essex, 31, told Closer on our shoot that she finally felt free of her body demons and revealed how happy she is in her skin.

Frankie, 31, who’s 5ft 7in, has been open about her struggles and has yo-yoed between a size 8 and a size 16 over the years – but she told us of her joy as she slimmed down to her target weight of 11st after rediscovering her love of exercise.

Frankie – who found fame on TOWIE in 2011 alongside brother Joey – beamed in the pictures, saying, “For the first time in ages, I feel good about myself.

"I can see changes everywhere. I’ve also learned so much about diet and exercise in the last five months. Strength training is the best.

“l’ll never be a slim girl, and I don’t want to be skinny – I’ve got a bum! Accepting that has been good for me.”

Frankie Essex naked
Frankie believes that exercise and strength training are key to body confidence ©Charlotte Hackett

Charlotte Dawson: ‘I make fun of my insecurities’

After rising to fame on Ex on the Beach in 2016, TV favourite Charlotte Dawson became a victim of cruel body shaming.

But Charlotte decided to use her social media platforms to encourage fans to celebrate their figures and make light of their insecurities. She’s since attracted a huge fanbase for her refreshing body positivity and hilarious social media posts, where she’ll grab her ‘wobbly bits’ or play with her ‘double chin’.

During our nude photoshoot, Charlotte, 27, told Closer, “I think it’s healthier to take the piss out of yourself. Making fun of my insecurities on my social media means people don’t – and can’t – troll me anymore. If someone says, ‘You’ve got a massive belly’, I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve already told YOU that!’

“Just being myself has actually done me a favour. And when I meet people now, they think I look better in real life than on screen, which is better than the other way around!”

Charlotte Dawson naked
Charlotte shows off her 'double chin' on Instagram ©James Rudland

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While Charlotte found fame on MTV's Ex on the Beach, Jess Impiazzi, who appeared in series two, issued a brutal warning to potential cast mates.

“Since Love Island and all the Ex On The Beach series’, reality TV people are just being churned out very quickly, and I think people need to be prepared for that going into it,” she told us.

“Awareness needs to be made by the television companies that this isn’t a viable career. Back in the day, people were making millions, but it has changed. Social media has been different too, you’re opening up yourself to a load of trolls, you’re not going to make that much money and it might just be a fifteen minutes of fame.”

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