Did you know that this Loose Woman is distantly related to Larry Lamb?


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Larry Lamb appeared on Loose Women today with his son George - and discovered that one of the presenters was his long-lost cousin...

It was all very strange, as one of the Loose Women obviously knew she was related to the Lambs and just hadn't said it before.

But anyway.

Larry confessed he had no idea which of them it might be, but was leaning more towards Andrea as he thought he had Scottish ancestry somewhere in his family tree, so thought that she was the most likely candidate.

WATCH the moment Larry Lamb discovers which of the Loose Women is his long lost cousin... | ITV/ Loose Women

Whereas Loose Women viewers thought it was more likely to be Denise Van Outen, and Larry joked that it was because they were all from Essex.

But the relative was revealed to be... Nadia Sawalha!

Nadia explained that her mum had started to try and unravel their family tree and had found that they were distant cousins of Larry's.

She said: "What's so funny is that George went to school with my cousins and I never knew!"

The Lambs were enthralled by their newfound cousin Nadia (Credit: ITV/ Loose Women ©ITV/ Loose Women

George added: "I thought it couldn't have been you, otherwise we'd have known it already!"

Jane cheekily joked that they might have dated, to which Nadia very strangely responded: "If my cousins had introduced me to you I probably would have taken you out on a date!"

Er, probably a bit of a weird thing to say in the circumstances, Nadia!

George looked literally baffled... Or sheepish?! (Credit: ITV/ Loose Women) ©ITV/ Loose Women

George obviously agreed with us, calling her comment "super weird".

Couldn't agree more, George!

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