Kym Marsh reveals baby plans after heartbreaking labour experience

Kym opens up after giving birth to her daughter Polly eight weeks early

Kym Marsh

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Kym Marsh has previously opened up about not getting married to her boyfriend Matt Baker even though they are "very happy".

And now the mum-of-four, 40, has spoken about the struggles she had during her pregnancy of her daughter Polly.

In 2009 Kym and her then-husband Jamie Lomas lost their son Archie Jay Lomas after he was born 18 weeks prematurely.

The actress has now opened up about her pregnancy with Polly who was born eight weeks early, telling Now magazine: "It took such a lot to get her here in the first place. I had such a bad pregnancy and then getting her here…

"The fact she's here and doing so well, you'd never know she was born so early."

When Kym's daughter Polly was born premature she was only 4lb 1oz, Kym revealed that the doctors "told me she's always going to be tiny, but actually she's tall – she has long limbs but a little elfin face.

"You do hope she's going to meet all those milestones because the doctors told me, 'Don't expect Polly to meet them all because she was born so early.'"

She added: "They were like, 'She may be behind and you may find her speech isn't as good,' but actually it's better than most kids her age.

"We had her first school report yesterday from her reception class and she's absolutely where she should be."

Kym also opened up about not having any more children.

After the consultant asked whether she'd want more kids, Kym said: "No because I don't think I could go through that again – the hanging on to the baby, the constant worry of whether they were going to survive, what quality of life they were going to have.

"It took its toll, not just on me, but my kids and my family and I just thought, 'I have three amazing children and an angel who takes care of us all – what else can I possible have?'"

Although Kym didn't have a hysterectomy she had a procedure that lasers away your womb lining so she can't have any more children.

Kym who plays the feisty character Michelle Connor in Coronation Street has also revealed that, although she's still adjusting to Corrie without her friend Alison King, who played Carla Connor, she's not leaving the show anytime soon as she's just signed a new contract.

We are very happy to hear this news, especially with the latest storyline surrounding Steve McDonald expecting children with both his Michelle Connor and her friend Leanne Battersby.

Coronation Street is on ITV Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.


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